34 – Normies for the Day 

What a gloomy day today ma mehn!

It was raining the entire day here in Alabang (sort of) and yo boi was equal parts sweat and rainwater because of all the site visits we’ve been doing today. 

Now, since I don’t want to bore you with all the details, I’m just gonna sum things up ayt. Earlier this morning I was at the sixth level of the building counting some bolts on the slab (mga turnilyo sa sahig ata translation nun but I’m not sure haha sorry) and nung hapon naman, I was Jaison the Explorer *queue in Dora theme song with some thunder sounds and whips to sound more manly* 

That was my day (kinda) because most of the time, I was playing 2K din on my phone and dota sa pc. I am such a bad intern no HAHAHA. 

I’m planning on bringing Sam’s hard drive nga so I could binge watch W din inside the office e hahahaha. 

School be like, “So boi whacha been doin?”

I’mma be like, “I be ayt ma mehn. S”ol good fam coz I be chillin all the time. Internship ftw coz it’s liiiiiit. Dab on that mehn.”

That would’ve been one weird conversation no hahahaha. 

So going back to my sad pathetic life (awwwww) 

I’ve been thinking ulit how to ask Sam to be my girlfriend and there’s this one idea na medyo nagllean on ako kasi it’s simple pero I think she’s going to like it. 

The last one was romantic daw (according to her kasi I have no idea what’s romantic and what’s not hahaha fml) so I don’t know if I could top that one (if you have no idea what I’m saying then read the 20th blog) pero the play is called Countdown Question with Sam (CQS)

What’s CQS? 

On Saturday, we’re going to The Yard ata (still not sure) tapos I’m gonna be leaving random numbers on a piece of paper starting from 10. Tapos kung san san nalang niya makikita yung 9 to 2. Maybe under her plate, inside her bag idk basta ganon then before she goes home makikita niya yung 1 na nakadikit sa isang box tapos she’s gonna open the box and may note din dun na “Will you be my girlfriend?

That’s just one of the many scenarios na pwede mangyari. That’s the 27th of May pa and sure ako di niya hate yun so that’s one number na safe. Gusto ko nga sana 26 kasi that’s my number naman kaso di ata kaya haha. 

Bukod dun pala, I want to tell you guys a funny/corny story. Engineers are corny pala talaga because while I was inside the office, nagkaroon din ng showdown sa pagjjoke and my gahd ma mehn it was corny as hell  (ramdam ko na pinagdadaanan ni Sam hahaha) 


Paulo (one of the engineers inside the office) : Ano tawag sa maliit na aso?

Me: Kapiraso 

P: Sa maliit na kambing? 

M: Kapirangoat

P: Sa pusa?  

M: . . . . . ano??? (First time ko lang narinig na may ganon pa pala hahaha)

P: Katiting

Everyone who heard the joke: *speechless af* 

M: *cracks a small giggle coz it was corny*


Mark (ma mehn be tellin’ lit joke fo sho) : Ano sinabi ng pusa nung nasaktan? 

Me (thinkin the joke’s the bomb) : Ano??

Mark: Me-awwwwww 

Me: *laughter flees in terror* 


Kawawa pala si Sam sa jokes ko . . . just kidding coz my jokes are the best! Read the 29th blog to verify owkie hehehe.

What else?? Hmm oh yeah on a more serious note, I just want to say a few things with regards to yesterday’s blog.

That was me being complicated lang pala kasi after some time, I had the chance no assess what was really going on and yeah tama nga. I really love her (but I’m not gonna dwell on that because this isn’t a Sam blog haha but we’re good naman). 

I’ve been snapping some shots of our conversation (the ones wherein I tell some of my jokes) to further show how funny yo boi is. But I’m gonna show it to you guys some other time. 

So yeah that’s it. I’m gonna be ending my blog here even though it’s still early. Sana mag Saturday na coz I’m missing someone na hahahaha. 

Thanks for reading this one ha. Stay lit mehn! Good day ayt! 

33 – Trouble in Paradise 

Ma mehn today was a slew of events.

It started out fine with yo boi inspecting the site. I was with Mark (field engineer) and we got some shots at the basement for presentation purposes. Here ma mehn have a look

It’s still kinda dark below and super init ma mehn. Pero the place is super cool especially at night. Sabi pa nga ng iba, may mga nakita na silang ghosts but I haven’t been down there kapag gabi. Soon palang haha.

The guy glowing in the picture is Mark (if you guys are wondering lang naman). See diba ang creepy ng ambiance! Super creepy ma mehn!

Afterwards, I went back to the office and chilled for a couple of hours. 

Afternoon came and I was ordered to take some shots to see the entire view of the place. We are currently working on the sixth floor e. Here look oh!

Eto talaga totoong dahilan kaya umiitim ako e. This building is lit pero mas lit ang skin ko hahaha.

After all the work, medyo nag downhill na ang events and I don’t know if I should tell you guys but I will nalang. 

Madami na akong nasabi kay Sam. But this one I haven’t told you guys pa. Everytime I feel the urge to love her, a part of me wants to push her away din. 

I don’t know if it’s normal pero kasi I want to push her para I could pull her close. May sense ba sinasabi ko ma mehn? Ewan. I’ve never been in this situation before kaya I don’t know how to act. Pero so far so good naman pero ewan.

I love her pero I don’t know if it’s the right kind of love. Hmmmm habang tumatagal mas nakikita ko pagkakaiba namin and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or yun ba magiging reason to pull me away from her. 

Unfair naman kung sinasayang ko lang time niya diba. I don’t want to be that guy. Pero at the same I don’t want to lose her. Pero ewan. Ever since naman naffeel ko na to but I don’t know baka itong away na to na yung tipping point.



I’m being complicated na naman zzzzz. That’s all. Tama. Yun lang yun. 

Happy ako kapag kasama siya. Iba yung saya ko simula ng nakilala siya. Yung ngiti ko halos abot tenga na dahil sa kanya. Why on earth would I push someone who brings out the best in me diba? Loko lang. 

Hmmmmm. Super random thoughts are rushing in my mind rn. I’m just typing my thoughts e kaya pardon me if it’s kinda messy. 

This is what’s inside my brain. Parang a battle between the blackness in me and the light she constantly gives me. 

At the end of the day naman I still love her. I guess that’s my answer for now.

Sorry if this one turned into something dramatic ma mehn. Sorry sa drama ma mehn! 

So yeah I’m gonna end this one na. Have a nice day ayt! 

32 – kamSAMnida

Ma mehn! The thing about Sam’s smile is that uhmmmmm gahd just thinking of her smile while typing e napapangiti na rin ako hahaha. 

So anyway (boy that was embarrassing) . . . 

Last night was fun because I was binge watching W. Sam was on episode 9 na kasi and yo boi was on the third episode palang. It’s kinda hard to watch and text at the same time kasi you have to pause the show kasi I can’t read the subs hahahaha. Kaya siguro yung mga iba gustong gusto matuto mag korean dahil sa ganon. 

I even increased the show’s speed to 1.5x coz it was nice and para makahabol na rin kay Sam. I don’t want to sound like a complete fan boy (coz I’m not but it was a very decent show talaga) pero try it out if you haven’t seen it pa.

Today naman, I was at the office lang doing paperworks and stuff. But before that pala, I decided to make a tumblr account for convenience narin. The link is down below if you want to check it out but it’s still empty because I just made the account a few hours ago. I’ll be posting stuff there na hindi ko ilalagay dito. This account, from her on out will be purely about my daily life nalang. Sa tumblr ko nalang ilalagay yung iba ko pang gusto na iexpress. 

Back to the story e Sam was busy din. Umaga palang she was doing something na (chores) and at around 11 am she left her place to go to her school. Something about her graduation niya yung pinunta niya dun. 

One thing I noticed about my daily blogs pala e lagi kong nasisingit si Sam hahaha. Kahit gano kaliit na detail I still try to include her kasi she’s part of my life e. 

My life isn’t complete pala without her. She’s the exclamation point. Everything about her, kahit gano kababaw or kadeep, kahit maliit na detalye pa yan o hindi e gusto kong malaman niyo. 

I want you guys to know and understand why she’s dear to me. She isn’t just some person who entered my life. Come and stay nga sabi ko sa kanya e. Wag come and go. 

She’s perfectly flawed and imperfectly flawless. 

A hundred reasons;

A thousand words;

A million feelings; 

One person;

Life is infinite because of her. 

I don’t know if it’s baduy whenever I say the words out, especially when I tell her how much I love her kasi I think it’s weird pero a part of me just wants to shower her with affection. 

This isn’t extreme at all ma mehn! This is normal pa naman kasi I know when to stop loving her and start loving myself naman. Alam ko yung boundaries ko. So far naman, I’m a billion feet away from that line hahaha and I hope na never ko icross yun

Damn this blog turned into a Sam blog na naman hahahaha. When I start my blogs kasi, I just share whatever is in my mind so ibig sabihin nun si Sam yung iniisip ko.
Naging lengthy na tuloy hahahaha. 

What else ba? 

I am thankful because of Sam kasi super dami ng changes (the good kind) dahil sa kanya. Para akong snail na lumalabas sa shell because of her. Dati kasi I wasn’t talkative or approachable no pero since madalas kami mag usap, nasasanay na ako makipag usap haha yeah I know this may sound mababaw pero from one introvert to another e alam niyo na mahirap yun. Madami pa but I don’t want to bore you guys with all the changes na yan. 

It’s still early pa naman e. But I guess that’s it for today’s daily blog. I’ll be ending it here coz yo boi is tired din naman.

Stay lit ma mehn! Good day ayt! 

P.S. the url is jsn-brwn.tumblr.com ma mehn! Please check it out coz I’ll be updating there as well. Thanks! You guys are the best. 

31 – I Guess W Stands for Winner

I don’t want this to be a blog about W but ma mehn I did nothing else but watch that show e. 

Ever since Sam recommended me to watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, she’s been telling me to watch other kdramas as well. Bali itong W yung second kdrama na napanuod ko ever.

If you’ve seen the show, don’t spoil ma mehn hahah. It’s a nice show kasi compared to WFKBJ, medyo mabigat story nito plus hindi siya basta romance lang. May mystery vibes din siya which is nice talaga. 

Plus, ang pretty pa ng lead na babae tapos doctor pa!!! Idk why pero insta crush ko talaga kapag med yung field (kinda like Sam no hahaha) kasi ang professional talaga nila tignan and career oriented. 

W is a story of a webtoon that has a mind of its own e. Basta watch it!!! I’m not a fan of kdramas but this one is something else. Coming from a guy na to na hindi pa kinakain ng sistema dahil sa mga oppa kaya if you have the chance e watch it.

Since we’re talking about shows, I’m gonna recommend other shows as well. If you guys haven’t seen Breaking Bad e stop what you’re doing right now and watch it! It’s kinda dark nga lang. 

Obviously Game of Thrones is in the list as well. Who the hell doesn’t love Khaleesi and Jon Snow ayt!! Winter is here na ma mehn!!!

Lost is also one cool show. If you like mystery shows then I’d suggest you watch it immediately. The title speaks for itself e.

Syempre hindi magpapahuli si Viola Davis and the rest of the cast of How to Get Away with Murder. Makikita niyo yung trend ko for shows. I like to watch dark and mysterious shows talaga. It matches my soul hahahahaha kidding.

Lastly, this one made me cry like a little bitch. Are you guys familiar with the show Scrubs? It’s a comedy show about life and the things that happened inside the hospital pero don’t let the fact that it’s a sitcom fool you kasi umiyak ako sa ending ng show na to. Sobrang feels!!!!

I’m gonna stop talking about tv shows na and I’m gonna focus on something else. 

Around 5 pm kasi I decided to jog kasi I haven’t been working out for quite some time na. Yo boi is out of shape na. Ang lungkot no. 

Si Sam naman, well she was busy the entire day. Umaga palang she was busy for med school na. May interview kasi siya and orientation na rin so she was up and about umagang umaga palang then nung hapon naman mass with her family lang and dahil kilala ko siya, alam kong maaga palang aantukin na yun hahahaha.

What else? Hmmmmm well I guess that’s it. Today was really mellow lang kasi tomorrow I’m going to the site na ulit to work. 

It’s 7:47 pm on my watch and I’m going to watch W na ulit hahahaha. Thanks for reading this one even though it’s mellow ha.

Stay lit ma mehn! Good night ayt!!

30 – Stay at Home with Sam

Can you believe it? I’ve been daily blogging for 30 days!! It’s been a month oh. Ma mehn from the first one that started out with me and Sam fighting to this one naman filled with love. A lot has happened and if you’ve been reading since day 1 then thanks! Gusto mo ba ng libre ayt.

So let’s get started!

I was at school for two hours (9 am to 11am) para sa internship class ko. It was informative naman so I’m not gonna tell you what happened there kasi school stuff lang yan. 

After class, I went to Recto to ride the LRT and alighted at Cubao to buy pizza at S&R  (also bought some salad for Sam) and afterwards rode the uv going to her place (not gonna tell you where it is).

Around 12 pm I was at her place na. 

So yeah that’s it hahaha. Well not exactly “it” pero hanggang 8 pm kasi we did nothing. Nag usap lang kami while listening to some music on Spotify. 

Sobrang haba ng pag uusap no pero actually kulang pa yan. Kasi nabitin siya and ako rin naman nung umuwi na (pero before umuwi, I’m gonna tell you what happened in between)

Ang dami namin napag usapan. Simple stuff lang and alam ko girls could relate when I say this na kapag pms sobrang moody pero with that being said, konting lambing lang and food nagiging okay na ang lahat diba. Kasi, she was saying na masungit siya pero kahit sinasabi niya yun e ang cute niya. It’s been 7 months pero kahit 7 years pa yan, I don’t think it’s possible for me to get tired na unawain siya. 

Pero at the same time trip na trip ko rin siyang pagtripan hahahaha. 

After eating some pizza kasi, she brought the dishes outside kasi andun yung hugasan nila and siyempre bago lumabas e may door tapos nung nasa labas na siya, nilock ko siya hahaha. 

Do you guys ever get the urge to piss someone off para lang lambingin after? Haha abnormal no pero whenever she gets mad, ang cute niya kasi parang bata lang na bigyan mo ng candy happy na ulit. 

The last time na we saw each other was ten days ago sa 20th blog. Yung favorite ko talaga haha. Best blog ever yun. Kaya medyo matagal tagal na rin since we last saw each other.  Sepanx!!

Our talks were random yet meaningful. Everytime I look at her pa nga I can’t help but smile. Unlimited supply of happiness talaga nabibigay niya sa akin ma mehn! 

Kanina pala I remembered na she was deleting some of her contacts on her phone kasi di naman na daw niya kailangan kausapin yung mga tao na yun and while deleting some contacts e merong dalawang guy names na may emoji na 😘 or 😙 I forgot haha basta ganyan tapos di pa ako nagsasalita, sinabi kaagad niya na mga gay friends niya yun etc. and I laughed because I wasn’t mad or anything. Di ko na nga itatanong yun kasi I trust her kaya nagulat ako na inexplain niya kaagad hahah ang cute.

Madami pa kami pinag usapan pero I’m gonna keep those things private nalang. Basta today was a fun day because I spent it with someone dear to my heart. 

Everyday of every hour of every minute of every second e nagiging special because of her. She’s something else talaga ma mehn. 

I still have a bright future ahead of me and sana sa 300th blog andun pa rin si Sam hahaha. 

So after pala ng mga pag uusap e I said my goodbyes and left her place. Tapos while texting sad na ulit siya haha halatang halata e. I had to leave early kasi tomorrow may interview siya for med school. Ilang taon nalang Dr. Sam na haha.

Yo boi be cuttin’ this blog na coz I’m tired na rin naman and I’m going to rest na. 

Continue being lit ma mehn! Good night ayt!

29 – Jokes 

This day is super boring ma mehn. I was at the office the entire time and I was playing NBA2K16 lang with some of my colleagues. We be ballin’ no hahaha. 

What a productive day ma mehn!

Everyone was out kasi because they had something to do so halos walang tao sa office. Kaya sobrang chill lang talaga.

Btw, before I show you something, Sam’s been watching W (a Korean drama) and she’s crazy about it. Nilamon na siya ng sistema ma mehn!!! And tulad ng isang babaeng nilamon na ng sistema, hahawaan din niya ako tulad ng pagnood ko sa Weightlifting Fairy hahahahaha so yeah alam ko na some of you guys e ganon din. Hawa hawa lang no. This one’s kinda random pero alam ko some of you guys know what I’m talking about haha. 

Back to my story ayt!

So ma mehn . . . I’ve been gathering some of my best jokes kasi Sam keeps calling me corny. I’m gonna show you some of my jokes (na hindi niya tinawanan) and I’m sure you’re gonna laugh out loud coz yo boi is a comedian. 

So these jokes that I’m about to show you happened recently. Hindi lang to isang araw. Let’s kick things off by this screenshot:

Sam was too lazy to eat kasi kaya she wasn’t in the mood to get up. Hence ayan yung joke haha. Tapos sinabihan naman ng corny no? Hahaha. 

Moving on e here’s the second joke.

Pangalawa ng beses ako sinabihan ng corny no. Pero ang witty diba! If you laughed e you have a good sense of humor ma mehn hahaha. 

The next one is made of two parts ma mehn. Goat jokes naman siya kasi Sam loves salad. Kahit salad lang pakainin mo sa kanya happy na siya kaya sinasabi niyang kambing siya.  

The second one naman kinda made her laugh so I guess that counts as a victory diba? I have tons of goat jokes pa if you want to hear some more ma meeeeehn (see what I did there? Huehue) 

The next one made her laugh! Maybe because related sa field niya? Idk. My word plays are lit no 

And the last joke e Aquino Jokes hahahah yeah tama kayo sa nabasa niyo! Aquino jokes ma mehn!! 

I was literally laughing out loud while typing this one kaso di siya natawa no. Craze Aquino is funny diba ma mehn?! Ijjoke niyo yan mamaya I’m sure!

The second one, hindi pa rin siya natawa ma mehn!!! Pero this one isn’t that funny naman talaga compared to the first one. 

And lastly . . . 

This is my favorite joke HAHAHAHA. And if you guys didn’t laugh, then sad to say e pangit din sense of humor niyo ma mehn hahahaha. 

So yeah ayan pa lang yung recent jokes. I’ll probably show you something else next time kasi I’m a funny dude no? 

I can hear your laughter while reading this blog e. Thank me for making your day (KAPAL NO HAHAHAHA)

So after work hours, we decided to eat at Alabang Town Center (Banapple) and yeah RIP Diet. Yo boi did nothing all day tapos lumamon pa!!! 

Update pala ma mehn. After school bukas, I’m going to Sam’s place. My blog for tomorrow will probably consist of my day with Sam (and her family). The plan is to buy pizza at S&R and take it to her place and watch a bunch of movies lang. 

Her mom’s been asking din kasi kung kelan ulit balik ko dun so yeah tomorrow’s that day. The last time I was at her place was hmmmmm I’m not sure pero I think March 31 pa yun. I stayed for the night and left her place nung April 1 na. Yeah yun nga last. Sure na pala ako! 

That concludes my blog for today ayt! Thanks for reading this one.

If you laughed e di good for you coz your sense of humor is amazeballs! Stay lit ma mehn.

Good night ayt! Tomorrow nalang ulit! 

28 – Advices 

I feel sorry for my clothes everytime I go up to inspect the site kasi by the time I get down and head back to the office, puro dust, sweat, rust, and kung anu-ano pa ang kumakapit sa damit ko.

RIP Cleanliness, Hello Kadugyutan.

Obviously, my day consisted of me visiting the site and inspecting it. Yun lang naman. So I’m not gonna talk about that one. 

Hmmmm yo boi be talkin about something else ayt. After like seven months of getting to know Sam, I just want to share to you the things I learned (hopefully this could help you guys out). So down below are some tips (ma mehn I’m giving tips lol) when it comes to dating someone who’s been in a toxic relationship before. 

1. Be patient. Don’t rush into things because the last time she was involved with someone, she got played/hurt/abused/you know what I’m talkin about ayt

2. Be honest. Dating someone who has trust issues is difficult. She knows what it’s like to be taken advantage of because she once gave her entire trust to someone (only to be reciprocated by lies) 

3. Show her what her worth really is. Ma mehn, someone who’s been in a toxic relationship has been abused countless times to the point that she’s gonna think that her value is as low as dirt. Wipe that dirt away. Let her shine.  

4. Be sensitive. You should be mindful of the repercussions of what you do or say because she’s still vulnerable. Wounds don’t heal when she stops crying. Also, be prepared for scars. She’s marked for life because of those experiences. 

5. Lastly, love her. This one is a no brainer because after being involved in a toxic relationship, she still chose to be with you. She risked her heart for someone who tore it to pieces. Don’t do the same thing to her. 

Love guru na pala ako ma mehn hahahaha. Since I’m being serious, I’m gonna tell you something else pa. 

This one isn’t about love kasi di lang naman love nagpapaikot sa mundo ko haha so please bare with me. This ain’t light ayt. 

I just want to tell you guys the importance of caring. You’ll never know when someone needs that care so as much as possible be nice lang. Saying “how are you?” might seem mediocre to some but it’s a big deal to someone who’s in deep shit. Caring is a lifesaver. 

During the crucial years of my life, I was alone. Super sad growing up na mag isa lang na walang kausap or company whatsoever. On certain holidays, I’m alone  (more than once na ko nag celebrate ng bagong taon at pasko na natulog lang haha. Lonely no) but I’m not complaining ha because of thosethings mas naging mature din ako mag isip. 

What I want to really say is,  depression shouldn’t be neglected. Once you’re depressed, don’t keep all that weight to yourself kasi lalamunin ka talaga niyan ng buhay. I’ve been depressed na kasi  (to the point of being on the verge of ending my own life) 

DEPRESSION ISN’T COOL. HINDI SIYA USO. Di ka cool kid kapag depressed ka. Instead, help someone out if you’re aware that he or she is depressed. Simpleng kamusta lang malaking bagay na. Trust me on this one ma mehn. 

Letting someone know that you care  (genuinely) can help save a life.

So yeah that’s it.  Sorry if super deep naman nito. I just want this blog to be about me expressing myself lang. 

If you’re reading this one, thanks ma mehn. As always stay lit. 

Good night ayt. Tomorrow ulit! 

27 – Sam Bok Joo 

Yesterday’s blog was kinda unfinished so I’m just gonna continue it here. 

I got home at around 12 midnight nga ma mehn. Grabe kasi 16 hours (give and take) bumabyahe lang kami. It was fun pero tiring at the same time ayt. 

I slept at around 1 a.m kasi obviously, alam na alam niyo na to, magkausap kami ni Sam. 

(Not gonna tell you what we talked about coz it’s cheezzzzy HAHAHAHA)

My alarm rang at around 6 in the morning and I was too lazy to get up but I did kasi kailangan. 

Yo boi barely made it in time. Buzzer beater gaming lang. So yeah work was okay naman. 

We inspected the place kasi today was concrete pouring day and soil poisoning naman sa basement (pinopoison coz mahirap if may unwanted na microorganisms pa sa lupa na sumira sa concrete diba) I might take some pics sa poisoning pero ata lang kasi 1 p.m pa siya.

It’s 12:15 p.m pala while I’m typing this. Medyo senti lang kasi it’s raining and ang sarap lang lunurin ng utak at mag isip isip ng kung ano ano habang nakikinig ng mga kanta ng Eraserheads.

I don’t know if I should tell you guys this one pero pati dito sa office love is in the air e. Ganon ba talaga kapag engineers? Hahahaha. 

I’m not gonna tell the exact names nalang pero ang daming minamatch dito e. And yung iba nadevelop na nga sa isa’t isa haha ang cute. 

Hopeless romantic ata mga engineers in nature because kanina Robert (not his real name) was asked by someone if ready na daw ba siyang pakasalan si Roberta  (obviously, fake name din) e kakacelebrate lang nila ng 2nd monthsary nila (or 3rd basta ganon lang) and he said yes naman daw. 

(On the inside, sumisigaw ako ng wtf kasi the last thing talaga na gusto ko e maging committed. Di dahil takot ako kundi gusto ko sigurado na. E yun 2 months pala or 3 nga pero oo kaagad???? Wtf)

Funny pa ng lagi pinang aasar sa kanila. If you guys are familiar with Pocari Sweat e dun daw nagsimula moves ni Robert. Inabutan lang daw ng ganon tapos ayun na nakaramdam na si Roberta HAHAHAHA.

Every love story is unique diba. Andyan yung sa parents niyo, neighbors, kina Kim Bok Joo at Joon Hyung (Sam forced me to watch it ayt kaya don’t judge hahaha) and ang dami pang iba pero my favorite is ours talaga. 

Everyday may new episode yung story namin e. Hindi man siya perfect pero it’s our story e. Wala man kaming viewers (unlike Weightlifting Fairy) e kahit kami lang nakakaalam na mahal namin ang isa’t isa happy na kami.

(After a few hours) 

So yo boi couldn’t take some shots while they were poisoning the soil because the smell was irritating and I was being maarte pero that was my afternoon lang. Afterwards I went home na.

Funny story lang ma mehn e Sam and I are going to meet on Saturday ulit. Pero this time, I’ll be visiting her at her place.  Natawa ako nung sinabi sa kanya ng mom niya na ako yung magluto for dinner kasi I once mentioned to her na nagluluto ako. 

I’m not a pro when it comes to cooking pero fave ko basta pasta. Nag eexperiment lang ako. I can make dessert din naman na tipong no bake cheesecake or tiramisu pero nakakahiya kasi if hindi nila nagustuhan hahaha. 

So I declined pero next time I’ll probably cook for them kasi kahit daw sisters niya medyo naexcite hahaha nakakapressure ma mehn. 

We also talked about other stuff pero most e tungkol lang sa amin. Super weird namin together. I’m not talkative kasi no and she’s masungit  (daw) pero kapag kami naman magkasama iba parang puro positive vibes lang.

No joke e she’s kinda like Bok Joo talaga na akala mo e hindi babae. Na mukhang tough lang and di in touch sa feminine side niya pero once nakilala mo talaga siya nako hahahaah she’s girly na nagtatampo, nagseselos and all those stuff na very girly. 

I’ve fallen in love with different versions of herself. Each one e unique talaga. I love her and all her sides. I love Sam Bok Joo hahahahaha.

It’s still early and I’m watching Riverdale and kausap ko rin si Sam kaya you guys enjoy your night din. 

Stay lit ma mehn!

Good night ayt! Tomorrow nalang ulit! 

26 – Road Trip 

Meeeehn it’s 12:30 pm and we’re in Bicutan right now. Today is gonna be a tiring day kasi I’m going to my province!!! 

At around 10 in the morning we were at NAIA waiting for my lola. Galing siyang US and she’s back after a year ata ng pagbabakasyon. 

She’s going back to the province (Quezon) kasi namiss niya yung mga tao and we were gonna accompany her. 

I was with my mom, my little bro, my tita and her son. Btw my tita’s son is super cute. But first I’m gonna show you pics while we were at NAIA. Eto ma mehn 

This is my little bro and siya yung model ko sa NAIA hahaha. 

Eto pa. We don’t look alike (kasi he’s my half bro lang) pero we’re pretty close naman especially when it comes to gaming. 

Tapos eto ma mehn super cutie ng anak ng tita ko

Cutie pala kami both HAHAHAHA. 

At around 1:00 p.m naman, nasa SLEX na kami and the weather was indecisive af. 

It was raining for 10 minutes ​na super duper lakas then after nun . . . 

Eto naman bigla hahaha loko talaga yung weather 

It’s 6:24 p.m on my clock and we’re still on the road. The sun has set and ma mehn yo boi is tired from listening to countless Chris Brown songs on his phone hahaha. 

(Btw I’m updating kasi from time to time. Di to one time lang ginagawa haha) 

So what happened in between 1 pm and 6 pm? 

Nothing!! We sat inside the car lang. Although there were bathroom breaks and drive thrus e wala lang. We had the chance to bond lang kasi bonding narin diba so yeah that’s it.

So after a few more hours e we arrived na. Roughly 7:30 pm na. We just dropped some of my lola’s stuff (kinuha yung pasalubong hahaha I’m not sharing any chocolates ma mehn HAHAHA) and balik na ulit. Pabalik balik lang kami no. 

Road trips are fun! The destination isn’t as important as the journey. It’s what happens while travelling yung lit part ayt!

So while I’m inside the car, I’m just gonna savor this moment and be thankful for what I have. 

Family is something else. Although we don’t spend as much time as we used to, andun pa rin yung bond e. Distance, time, communication, and kung ano ano pang factor e walang kwenta when it comes to family. Diba ma mehn? 

Sa family unang magsisimula ang love. And believe me ma mehn dun din siya matatapos kasi someday we’ll all have families of our own and up until life escapes us, family ang magiging karamay natin. 

This one’s somewhat personal so excuse me if it’s kinda heavy ah. Coming from someone who was deprived from a normal family, I turned out ayt. I know what it’s like to not grow up in a conventional family kaya super vinavalue ko yung fam and magiging fam sa future ko. 

I’m gonna love the heck out of my future kids. Super spoiled nung mga yun hahaha. 

So going back to our adventure . . . 

It’s 8:43 pm and yo boi is tired na. Life on the road is exhausting pero pano pa kaya yung driver diba. Sad part of travelling e walang exercise.  I ate tons of rice, ang daming cups of coffee at cinnamon bun pa 😦 and ma mehn yung choco mallows ng Jollibee huhu I love it!!!!! Nagkasala ako today and right now while typing I’m eating some chips. RIP Diet talaga (plano ko pa mag cheeseburger mamaya hahaha) 

(After a few hours) 

Time check ulit ma mehn and it’s 10:32 pm na. I was resting and texting Sam the entire time. God bless her kasi boredom buster talaga siya haha. We were talking about different things lang and I don’t want this to be another blog na sinasabi how much I love her pero I really do e.

Mga little things na ganito, na magkausap lang kami, gumagawa ng time sa isa’t isa e super naaappreciate ko na. I’m the kind of guy na kahit usap lang masaya na kasi dun ko nakikita yung interest ng isang tao. Communication is key talaga e.

Like every other blog, sasabihin ko pa rin na mahal ko siya. Woohh love haha. 

Nasa byahe pa kami pero I’ll probably get some rest na because I still have to go to work tomorrow. Sleep nalang muna and ETA para makauwi e around 12 midnight. 

 I’m gonna end the blog her coz it’s super lengthy na rin. 

Thanks for reading ma mehn and continue being lit ha!

Good night ayt! Tomorrow nalang ulit! 

25 – Insecurities 

It’s 5:00 p.m on my clock and yo boi is tired. 

On yesterday’s blog, I mentioned na nagkaroon kami ng tampuham ni Sam and kanina may parts pa na related dun so yeah today’s blog is gonna be about insecurities.

Before I tell you the insecurities we talked about, I’m gonna tell you something about my insecurities lang. 

I go to the gym. I don’t want to get fat (again) kasi I know the struggle of being fat. Sobrang insecure ako noon sa itsura ko kasi akala ko ang pangit pangit ko. I was envious of my friends kasi may mga nagkakagusto sa kanila pero ako, yung mga tindera lang ng mga kainan ang tumatawag sa akin ng pogi. But yeah isa lang yan sa mga insecurities ko and naovercome ko naman. Instead of worrying, do something para mawala yung insecurity na yun. So yeah yun lang advice ko if you want to get fit din (ma mehn if you want to know pa how e I can give you some tips haha) 

So yeah eto kwento ko for today . . . 

I can’t emphasize this enough pero sobrang opposite ng mundo namin ni Sam. I was laid back nga. Sobrang chill lang ng life ko. Shy type na socially awkward ako. I was your typical nerdy guy who loves to read books and mukhang tambay ng library. I was your typical gamer na if not playing Sony or Nintendo e nagdodota. That was my life. 

Sam’s life was a bit different. She mentioned pa nga noon sa akin na linggo linggo umiinom siya (I was allergic to alcohol diba) and walwal talaga. For a med student e yung katawan niyan pinapabayaan niya dahil sa bisyo no? (Pero sa ngayon naman tumigil na siya sa smoking and sa alcohol naman eventually nalang kapag may event) basta she was super outgoing and as to what most people say e aggressive daw yung personality niya (I can’t see it though kasi ang amo lang niya kapag ako na kaharap hahaha) 

I was watching Riverdale last night and I told her na si Betty yung type ko instead of Veronica (na I swear kahawig ni Sam) kasi she was nice. Simply put, ayaw ko nga sa babaeng outgoing and super out there yung personality. I’m more interested sa nice type lang na masaya ng tumambay sa library din (library date ma mehn haha) 

And dahil dun, nabother si Sam. Bakit daw ako nagkagusto sa kanya if di naman siya ganon tipo ng babae? Her insecurities got the best of her. Minsan daw naiisip rin niya yun without telling me and last night napuno na siguro kaya ganon. 

She isn’t perfect. She’s not close to perfection pa nga e. Not by a long shot pero her insecurities, her imperfections, yun ang reason kaya siya tao. Sa mata niya, she has her flaws and bad thing yun kasi feel niya dahil dun replaceable siya once I find someone that suits my type pero hindi e. Sa mata ko, imperfectly perfect siya. She has her flaws pero I love her for who she was, is and will be. 

Then kanina, insecurities got the best of us din. Una ako then nadamay siya. 

We were talking about her ex (I swear ma mehn never naging good idea ang magexplore ng past) and dahil dun sa pag uusap namin, ang dami kong negative na feeling. Naisip ko na rebound lang ako or na magkakabalikan pa sila or may mahahanap pa siyang iba. Why? Well eto I’m going to tell you why.

Last December was the turning point nga. Kasi at the time, magkasama sila ng ex niya and I was just texting her. Then I mentioned na kung di pala ako bumalik ulit sa pakikipagtext sa kanya, she would’ve ended up with that . . . . uhmmm guy nalang para mabait pakinggan hahaha.

So yeah. Everytime she mentions her ex, puro stuff like “walang kwenta, walang kinabukasan, gago, fuck boy, sinungaling” and other words you can think of along that line e nasabi na niya. Pero what’s more interesting was the fact na kahit ginagago na siya at lahat e she chose to stay (for four years ata) . Anong ibig sabihin nun? Di ba kasi mahal niya. Di lang mahal kung ganon e. Sobra sobra pa pero according to her it wasn’t love daw. It was settling daw kasi at the time akala niya yun lang halaga niya.

Because of that, nainsecure ako kasi naisip ko na baka mahal pa niya and rebound lang ako. Different ideas popped into my head and ayun it got the best of me talaga. 

(Not gonna tell you how me fixed it kasi this one’s about insecurities lang naman)

Then after a few conversations, we were talking about na there’s always someone who’s always better and nabother naman si Sam and she was asking na tons of questions. 

(As what I’ve mentioned before nga about her not being my type) 

So yeah I reassured her and I’m not gonna tell you the exact words coz it’s kinda private ayt hahaha. Basta she’s the person I want to be with kahit gano pa siya kainsecure, isesecure ko ang feelings niya and everything that comes along with it. 

Insecurities are unavoidable pero once you meet someone who accepts you for who you are, di mo na maiisip yun. Trust me on this one ma mehn.

So yeah that’s it for my blog and this one is super lengthy ulit hahaha but thanks for reading ha. 

Good night ayt! Tomorrow nalang ulit!