77 – Coffee Date with Sam 

This one happened yesterday . . . 

My day was extraordinarily ordinary (whaaat?) coz I woke up at around eight in the morning (usually woke up at around ten coz of late night convos with Sam hahaha) 

Today was different. Idk why I was up and about at such an early hour (malalaman ko palang) so I texted Sam. 

She said she was gonna study at Starbucks near her place hence the coffee jokes.  

One thing led to another and poof unexpected coffee date ma mehn. 

You guys know how much I love coffee right? (been drinking since I was four or five yeah kapeng barako was life noon) but travelling for two hours just to have a cup of coffee? To some of you guys that’s too much siguro (Alabang to Antipolo kahit magkalapit lang sa alphabet e ang layo naman kapag binyahe) pero coffee or no coffee basta si Sam g ako so yeah we decided to meet at around one in the afternoon. 

Yung Starbucks was just outside nung village nila. Konting lakad lang talaga.  Kaya imagine kung gano ka funny yung idea na mag aaral lang siya sa Starbucks tapos ako nakatunganga lang patingin tingin sa kanya hahaha. 

Unplanned dates are the best no hahaha. 

(Fast forward tayo sa SB)

We had seats na and after a few minutes e I saw Sam giggling. I asked her why and then she said the guy at the back (the guy was sitting on a stool) kinda looked like Billy Ray Cyrus and he kinda did. I laughed way too hard coz she even stalked Billy Ray’s instagram to compare (I wanted to take a photo of the dude but he might notice plus it’s kinda rude so I dude decided wag nalang) 

Basically coffee study date lang ginawa namin. She was reading some of her lectures in preparation for her boards nga (sa lahat ng medtech na magbboards din diyan good luck) and she gave me one of her books to pass time. The book was entitled Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (haven’t finished the book so no comment yet) 

Dagdag info pala ma mehn. The coffee shop we were at was the same place where Sam was at when I first texted her last year.  It kinda sparked some old flames and we kinda reminisced what happened that time. 

Busy siya nun sa internship sa St. Luke’s and I was busy with school naman. We both weren’t in each other’s orbit at the time kaya parang casual lang talaga na nagtetext tapos di na magrereply kapag walang gana kausap tapos kapag bored saka lang magtetext. Sobrang wala talaga. Kaso the universe itself was pulling strings pala kaya eto after a few months nakasama ko na siya sa coffee shop kung san una ko siyang tinext.

Around six or seven in the evening we decided to have dinner at Shakey’s. Funny part was, I left Sam to order and I went out to withdraw some cash kasi there was an atm beside the said pizza parlor. What’s even funnier? I left may card hahaha so I had no cash (I have a Shakey’s card pero still no cash haha). I had like a couple of hundreds in my wallet (wasn’t enough for the meal plus uuwi pa ko) so when I told Sam tawang tawa ako hahahaha. 

In the end siya pa yung nagbayad ng meal namin hahaha.

Usually I leave at around eight in the evening but it was raining so hard in Antipolo kaya we decided to stay in Shakey’s up until it was nine. 

Hinatid ko siya and after that we separated ways. I arrived at around 11:30 pm hahaha tagal no. 

(Everything in between 9 pm and 11:30 pm was us texting lang and me travelling) 

I miss her. Alam niyo ba yung feeling na di pa umalis pero namimiss mo na kaagad? Ganon ako sa kanya that time kaya super ayaw ko pa siyang pakawalan hahaha ang clingy no hahahaha pa rang inaatake lang ng sumpong. 

Enough of my day na pala. The blog ends here (I still miss her though) 

PS Shakey’s was showing Ang Probinsyano (not familiar with that show coz I don’t watch teleseryes kasi sorry) and it’s kinda funny na lagi nalang zinozoom sa mukha ng mga artista per scene. Pansinin nyo ma mehn hahaha. 


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