85 – Dinner with Sam 

Ma mehn ya boi just got home and I’m tired af.

I was at Robinsons Magnolia a few hours ago with Sam coz we had dinner (yeah I travelled for like 90 minutes just to have dinner with her haha) but before that . . . 

Around 2 pm, I was at Gateway. I had lunch at Jollibee coz why not diba? Bida ang saya dun ma mehn eh! And yeah it’s been months since I last ate chickenjoy hahaha. 

Sam’s class was due at around 4:30 pm so after having lunch and looking for books at Fully Booked, I went to (yup you’ve guessed it) Starbucks and had coffee. Kape nalang ako ng kape lagi but hey coffee is healthy ah. 

Those were the events leading to us having dinner at Rob Mag and yeah we also took some shots coz ya boi has a new camera nga (shots are crystal clear talaga I love it) 

Sam and I had dinner at Akira and the food was great! I’m not a fan of Japanese food (Sam loves them) but those chicken teriyaki rolls were bad ass. Sobrang sarap niya ma mehn as in legit talagang mapapakain ka nalang sa sobrang sarap! I ordered a bento meal and share naman kami ni Sam coz it was huge but damn those rolls coz they were freakin lit talaga. If you guys happen to drop by at Rob Mag then eat at Akira and try the rolls kasi ma mehn legit di kayo magsisisi sa sarap! 

Sam took most of the shots (all). This is what the inside of the place looks like. 

Left one is the chicken rolls. Those bad boys were the MVP!!! Btw, look at the size of the bento, isang buong table coz it’s huge talaga. Super sulit!

Here’s ya boi realizing that Jap food ain’t bad at all. 

. . . And finally here is Sam!

Syempre pabitin ulit hahaha.

So yeah the blog ends here and hope you guys try those freakin rolls hahahha just kidding. Hope you guys enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed my day. 

Thanks for reading and good night ayt!  


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