90 – Two Months of Lovin’

Today was “do nothing” day hence I did nothing hahah.

It was raining here in Alabang and besides, I was still too tired from all of the exploring kaya I wanted to rest lang.

Btw, today was our (me and Sam duh) second month of being a couple but we didn’t spend it together because a) she needed to study and b) it was raining kaya usap usap lang.

After a series of exploring, I kinda miss that lil slice of cutie pie hahah coz I was preoccupied with a lot of things.

I really want to see her but I can’t pa nga.

We were talking how those two months felt like two years coz every moment was memorable talaga.

Yeah I don’t want to be cheesy but Sam is incredible. She’s the best girlfriend ever. She is my cheerleader. She makes me laugh and smile without even trying. I could go on and on about her coz she’s a never ending masterpiece but I won’t coz I still have my entire life to tell you how awesome and how lucky I am to have an amazing girl.

You might think na two months lang yan blah blah but no haha matagal na kasi kami magkakilala kaya yang two months na yan big deal na.

It started out nung first date namin and ang bata pa namin tignan dito (but I covered Sam’s face coz she’s shy hahah)

We were at Maginhawa (I think it was at StrEats) and her friends wanted to make sure that we were on a date kaya ayan selfie.

Then after a few months eto naman itsura namin (and yes covered pa rin face ni Sam)

2017-07-27 22.23.32

Mukha pa rin akong stressed but I still love her. From like to love yang picture na yan hahaha.

Two months of loving and we still have a lifetime to be with each other. I still have one, two, three . . . forever to say how much I love her. I loved her yesterday, I love her today, and I will love her tomorrow. I will always love her. I’ll stop when life itself escapes me but before that happens, I’ll make sure she’s the happiest person in the entire world; blissfully loved, highly respected, and deeply taken care of coz she deserves to be treated like a queen (hence the crown).

Things are gettin emotional again so I’ll end the blog here. Ang lakas ng pabitin effect na anticlimactic pero hanggang dito nalang talaga. Thanks for reading ma mehn and good night ayt!


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