92 – Karibal kay Sam???

So yeah today was chill day yet again. I did nothing but watched a couple of videos and played some games.

Everything was running smoothly until Sam sent me a screenshot. Someone private messaged her on Facebook and it was hilarious.

Sam was at SM Marikina earlier coz she bought some stuff with her siblings and mom. She needed some stuff with her new room coz she’s moving to a new place coz of her med school (not telling you where though) and apparently from the conversation, she saw Sam nga.

Ang ganda nga naman kasi talaga ni Sam hahaha. Idk why pero I was laughing like crazy coz of the conversation. It made my night hahaha.

Lesson learned na ma mehn. Di lang pala lalake dapat ang isipin ko na magkakagusto kay Sam coz even girls find her attractive hahahahaha.

Balak pa atang agawin ni ate si Sam sakin hahahah. Funny lang talaga. Pero that’s what I get for loving someone who’s attractive af haha.

So yeah. I’m ending the blog here. Thanks for reading ma mehn! Good night ayt!

PS the blog was meant to be humurous. I’m not shaming the girl that messaged Sam coz she was just complimenting her. Just shared it coz it was funny.

PPS mahirap pala magkaroon ng magandang girlfriend hahaha


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