93 – Vlog is Life

I don’t know what I’m gonna blog about coz I did nothing today hahaha.

The entire day, I did nothing but watched a couple of vlogs. Literally!! From ten or so in the morning up to six in the evening, I was on my phone watching Wil and Haley Dasovich, Daniel Marsh, Kali Vidanes, Pamela Swing, Jess and Gabe Conte, and Nate Punzalan.

I must say, if you guys love watching vlogs, try to watch theirs (if you’re not familiar with their vlogs).

Sam also watches different vlogs. Some are Alissa Violet (not sure if the spelling is right), AC (I forgot his last name but he’s a vlogger from CSB), Jenna Marbles (not sure if she’s a vlogger? Coz I think she’s a youtuber) and other vloggers ( I wasn’t paying attention when she mentioned the others HAHA I’m such a lousy boyfriend)

Because of Sam, I started watching vlogs. Dati memes lang bumubuhay sakin hahaha but now, naging interested talaga ako sa vlogging. It is an art e.

I really want to vlog as well but nothing significant has happened that’s vlog-worthy so wala. Nganga muna haha. But if something good comes up, then I’m definitely gonna vlog it.

So yeah I guess that’s it. Just try to watch their channels on YouTube if you want to kill some time. I assure you, you guys are gonna love them.

Ending the blog here and yeah good night ayt!


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