94 – Weird Stuff with Sam

Another day, another blog (if you read that with Jess and Gabe Conte’s voice playing inside your head then you’re lit)

So as usual I did nothing today. Well hmmm this morning pala I woke up at around 8 in the morning coz today was reservation for our subjects at school and this is my last term (hopefully). One step closer to becoming a civil engineer na ko ma mehn.

Actually I’m more excited in using the phrase “Trust me, I’m an engineer” kaya gusto ko na makuha license ko agad agad hahaha.

Also pala, Sam watched Kita Kita and she cried daw. Hindi lang simpleng naluha but she cried. I haven’t seen the movie but knowing that Sam cried e mukhang okay naman siya (we have different genres when it comes to movies we love)

Hmmmm what else? Well I finally watched this week’s episode of Game of Thrones and still no sign of Ed Sheeran though hahaha

Since I have nothing else to share, I guess I’m just gonna tell you guys a weird story.

I’ve known Sam for like a couple of months now and funny thing we’ve realized was that we’ve never called each other’s name out in public. Yeah. Never.

Puro siguro “hoy”, “gago”, o “kupal” pero I’m not sure coz assumero ako sa mga katawagan na yan. Pero it’s weird no? We can’t say each other’s name out in public or face to face pa nga.

Hmm yeah I guess that’s it. Wala ako masyado stories e. Hopefully tomorrow. So I’m ending the blog here. Good night ayt!


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