95 – Day with Dad

The events I’m about to tell you happened yesterday

I slept at around one or two in the morning coz I was talking to my favorite person (in case it wasn’t obvious e I was referring to Sam).

We talked about different things but I’m gonna tell you one of the conversations we had.

I had already made my schedule for my subjects and my class would be from Monday to Saturday. Sam’s class would be from Monday to Friday.

It was tough but after a couple of minutes, we decided that we would meet at Saturday to have dinner lang. Sunday would be devoted to her family so that’s kinda unavailable and on Tuesday coz her class is up to 2 pm and mine was up to 10 am.

Compromise is key lang talaga. Kaso imagine I’ll be travelling from España all the way to Fairview para makita lang prinsesa ko hahaha and spend a few hours lang with her kaso kailangan e.

We are hopeful naman about all of this. As long as we still love each other, I know we’ll always find a way.

(Moving on to Friday morning-ish)

My dad’s back in town. I don’t know where he was or what he was doing but we were going to meet at Greenhills at around 3 in the afternoon.

So around 2 pm, I left Alabang and went to Greenhills.

(Fast forward to Greenhills)

Spending time with my dad uhmmm how do I put this . . . basta he’s a very busy person. Kahit kasama mo lang siya e kung sino sino pa rin kausap niya para sa business or whatever.

So it kinda started out that way lang. Puro business siya. Text dito, tawag doon so parang he’s physically present but mentally absent but hindi naman nag tagal yun.

We had lunch at this tiny chinese resto beside Mann Hann. The place was called Le Ching and the food was surprisingly nice. Fan na fan talaga ako ng chinese cuisine e hahaha (feeling chinito here)

At first, I was awkward pa. Yung conversation namin e tipong isang tanong, isang sagot but nadala naman habang tumagal.

Idk if namention ko but I grew up not being with my dad (and mom) kasi laking lola ako. Kaya medyo weird pa rin kapag kasama ko sila (lalo na kapag sila together coz they have other families na rin)

So yeah. Around 5 or 5:30 pm e we went to the chapel and attended the mass and after that had dinner at another chinese place hahaha.

It was nice being with my dad coz I felt like I was a little kid again. Saktong kwentuhan, food trip at simba. Parang normal lang na bonding (which I was deprived nung lumalaki ako haha ang sad pakinggan).

The blog is getting lengthy so I’ll stop. But before I end this one, I’m going to remind you to NEVER FORGET THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY. NEVER TAKE YOUR PARENTS OR YOUR SIBLINGS FOR GRANTED. TREASURE EVERY MOMENT YOU HAVE WITH THEM.

So yeah ending it here. Thanks for reading ma mehn. Hope your Saturday is going great ah. Good day ayt!


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