96 – The Yard and The Girl

Last night I watched Gossip Girl hahaha yeah not ashamed coz Blake Lively is so freakin gorgeous. Sam made me watch it and now I’m addicted to it hahahahahaha.

(That’s why the blog is kinda late din coz I’ve been watching non-stop)

So . . .

Around 10 in the morning I got ready and went to school to work on some stuff. I didn’t mention it to Sam coz she was reviewing for her boards but an unfortunate turn of event transpired and . . .

Yeah in this conversation we were talking about Serena and Blair (characters from Gossip Girl) but uhmmm I kind liked the guys better whoops #nohomo hahahaha.

So yeah Sam was surprised and eto nga. Around 2 pm we had coffee.

(Btw medtech boards will be on the last week of August so good luck na rin sa iba pang future RMTs)

But after having coffee, we went to Katipunan to have dinner. To be exact e we went to The Yard.

It was Saturday (when we got there obviously) and the place was kinda lacking err people (around 4 pm) but around night time it was full na.

Ma mehn, one fact about yo boi is that I’m not much of a fan of food parks. It’s not that I hate it ah. I just don’t like the vibe of such places. Mas gusto ko resto talaga. Kahit nga Jollibee e happy kid na ko.

I ate sriracha wings at Mac n’ Chicks (ata???) and the food was sorta nice naman but the fries at Fry Day was like depression fried for a few minutes and served in a bowl made of regret (it was that horrible).

The ambiance was nice just because I was with Sam. The only thing I loved was the alcoholic drink we ordered at Epicure. It was called Citrus Blue.

(No pics to show coz I forgot my cam tho huhu)

All in all, my day was nice coz I spent it with someone dear to my heart. And tomorrow, well later pala, Sam and I are gonna meet for the last time. So that’s something to watch out for I guess???

Ending the blog here coz I’m gonna watch gossip girl yet again hahaha. Thanks for reading ma mehn! Good night ayt!


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