97 – Last Day with Sam (Goodbyes are Hard)

I slept at around four in the morning (Gossip Girl was lit tho) and got up at around eight coz I needed to meet up with Sam.

This was our last day together. Why? Well you’ll know why later.

I was at Katipunan at around 10:30 am coz Sam and I went to St. Claire. She bought eggs near the church for offering purposes (the blue colored ones). There were different colored eggs from blue to yellow to red to green. Blue was used for prayers related to education. It was for her board exam.

She also got her envelope blessed (the one she’ll be using for boards). It was filled with all sorts of pens, pencils and a calculator.

After praying to St. Claire, we lighted some candles and prayed once more. Ewan ko nalang kung di pa makapasa sa board exam yung babaeng yun. Even the prayer I wrote was me wishing eternal bliss for Sam with regards to her board ah. Dami na niyang backup (kayo rin ma mehn pray for her? Haha)

After that, we had lunch at UP Town Center. We ate at Peri-Peri Chicken and boi was the food lit af.

Sam ordered chicken and ribs with mango shake and I ordered chicken and fries with some milkshake. Sobrang nakakabusog!!

(Sam’s food is at the left and mine’s at the right)

To burn all the food we ate, we strolled the mall and Sam bought a couple of stuff she’ll be using in her new place (she’s moving nga coz med school starts tomorrow)

Around three in the afternoon, we decided to go to their (Sam’s and her fam duh) house and just chill. And yeah we did. We watched a couple of Gossip Girl episodes and some Jesse and Gabe vlogs.

(This is what the living area looks like)

Hours passed and around 7:30 pm we left their place and Sam’s mom dropped me at Santolan (LRT) and they went to Fairview (Sam’s new place) to move some additional stuff coz again, med school will atart tomorrow.

We said our I love yous and parted ways.

So since Sam is gonna be busy coz of med school and her upcoming board exam, we won’t be seeing each other for the entire month (I’m gonna miss her tho). She needs to concentrate eh.

Nakapause muna yung mahihigpit kong yakap sa kanya at paghawak sa kanyang halos laging pawis na mga kamay pero kahit di ko man maipapadama physically kung gano ko siya kamahal e madami pa namang paraan.

Kailangan mas maging maayos treatment ko sa girlfriend ko kasi mabababad yun sa stress at puyat. Kailangan sa simpleng letters at flowers at kung ano ano pang ipapadala ko habang di kami nagkikita e makabawas sa pagod niya.

Consistency is important when it comes to maintaining relationships e. Kasi diba falling in love is easy but preserving love takes hard work. Pero it’s all worth it if you truly love the person.

Ending the blog here coz I miss my baby na hahaha. Thanks for reading ma mehn. Good night ayt!!


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