98 – Ang Probinsyano feat. Coco Marlin (aka Me hehe)

Balik probinsya na naman ako ma mehn.

Yesterday, I woke up at around 10 in the morning and went to the bank to pay some bills (#adulting) and afterwards just fooled myself into not leaving Alabang (there is no night life in the province plus the food is different hahaha) but since I had nothing else to do, I rode a bus travelling to my province (Atimonan, Quezon) and ayun nga.

The bus left Alabang at around 1:30 pm and I arrived at my province at around 8:00 pm. Sobrang layo no?

But yeah. I’m out here chilling and relaxing and doing nothing. I just watched a couple of vlogs (what else is new) and downloaded House of Cards (I haven’t started but I can feel that I’m going to love it).

Hmmm what else? Well there’s not much to tell kasi I was just using my laptop non-stop (yesterday and today)

But maybe tomorrow I’ll use my photography skills to capture some breathtaking views of my province para mavisualize niyo.

So yeah. Btw I wasn’t going to blog this but I couldn’t resist not telling my day coz it has been a routine. Ending the blog here and if you’re familiar with Atimonan, Quezon then good job ma mehn. Good night ayt!


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