128 – Fairview Ain’t a View from Afar


My review class was from 7 am to 10 am. That was my only class ma mehn. Then, my alarm rang at around 5 am and boi was I too lazy to even open my eyes so as expected, I fell asleep once again and woke up at around 6 am hahahaha. 

(Y’all know your fucked when you leave during rush hour coz the roads are congested af) 

I left Alabang at around 7 am (lolz) and arrived half past 8 am hahahaha. Luckily, the review class gives zero Fs whether someone’s late or not (or even listening in the first place haha) so . . .

I was late and I wasn’t paying attention in class hahah a true mark of a responsible student diba hahaha. So yeah umm I texted Sam and one thing led to another and poof we were then going to meet at around 12 noon. 

This week was med week in Sam’s school so she’s not too busy. We agreed to meet at LBG in Pearl Drive to just chill and have lunch. 

LBG or Laro at Board Games was a cafe filled with tons of board and card games and anything in between. From the classics like monopoly, snakes and ladders, chess, uno, scrabble to one’s I’ve never played before until yesterday like sequence and pandemic, you’d totally have your money’s worth inside the cozy cafe. 

Besides the unlimited games, the food was nice as well. Sam loved the salad and the fries and I loved the coffee (always have and always will haha).

We stayed there from 12 noon to around 7 pm ata. Super sulit yung time there so I’m telling you, if you want to have fun then head up north and chill at Fairview. 

(Sam lost in most of the games but she won naman coz I was there hahahahahaha) 

After chilling, we had dinner at Mang Inasal. Yes ma mehn for the first time ever kumain kami sa Mang Inasal hahahahaha yeah for some of you siguro, you might think na ang weird coz we had never ate at that place pero we agreed to be “makamasa” so yeah hahah we ate there. Sam was even hungry and ate tons of rice HAHAHA. 

Ang cute panuorin ng isang babaeng matakaw no? She’s flexible naman when it comes to meals. From oatmeals and salads to unli freakin rice at inasal hahahah ang gago no. Pero she’s cute talaga that way. Tapos she’s going to put the blame on her pms hahahah what a baby. Kinda like the time when we ate at Yabu lol (read the previous blog to know what I’m saying hahah) 

I left at around 8 pm and arrived two hours later. From north to south talaga yung byahe ko ma mehn lolzz. Ending the blog here coz yeah that’s it ma mehn. Thanks for reading and good day ayt! 


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