131 – Laban Lang 

September 27, 2017

So yesterday was basically our fourth month of being a couple but Sam was too depressed to actually be happy about that thought. 

The typical morning went by with a whiff of the classic good morning text. Generally, we agreed that monthsaries shouldn’t be a thing. I was the one who suggested it and luckily she was on board. Normally kasi diba, girls are into stuff like monthsaries and stuff (pota mehn may mga weeksary pa nga like wtf OA lang?). Not celebrating it makes the anniversary more special kasi. 

So yeah basically it should’ve been an ordinary day but things were different for my lil girl. 

(For me, it was an ordinary day. Sort of) 

Sam was down on her luck. She got her result from her exams and she didn’t achieve her desired score. As in alam niyo yun ma mehn, nag aaral na nga yung tao pero wala e. Sobrang hirap lang talaga nung exam to the point na di na sapat yung aral niya. 

I tried reassuring her and told her somewhere between the lines na matatapos ang lahat lahat e magiging okay din. For a moment, she kind of agreed and said na she’ll focus on her report (she had a report that day) 

So after a few hours . . . 

She texted me and said that she got brushed off my his or her (idk) professor. The doctor was kind of in a rush and yeah as expected e pati presentation niya minadali so the aftermath was, nag mukhang nilaktawan daw niya yung important parts (pero alam niya na hindi and that wala lang sa focus yung prof because rushing nga) 

After all the beating she received that day, she was super depressed. Mehn kakastart palang ng road niya sa pagiging doctor pero nakikita kong battered and bruised na siya. 

Before I go any further, Sam’s deffo gonna kill me when she finds out I blogged this coz she doesn’t want anyone to know her weak side but I couldn’t resist coz for me, this was blog worthy 

Going back . . . 

She broke down and cried. Sa sobrang sama ng araw niyang yun e di niya maiwasan na lumuha. Sobrang bigat sa pakiramdam kaya ayun nag leak na. 

I comforted her of course and said that everything was gonna be okay. I meant it. I’m not the type of guy kasi na may sasabihin para lang maging okay. Like kung alam kong problemado ka and dahil lang din sayo, before I help you, ididiin ko muna na kasalanan mo in the first place etc. 

Okay balik ulit sa kwento . . . 

She was fragile and vulnerable at that moment. I couldn’t help but adore her even more mehn. Why? It takes guts to show your vulnerable side ha. Kaya I admire her for even showing that side in the first place.

We talked. I somewhat caught a glimpse of a scared little girl who was lost in the sea of unknown faces weeping her eyes out coz she lost her parents. All she needed was someone to show that everything was gonna be okay . . . 

So yeah just wanna leave this here and say that a touch of humanity goes a long way. Reach out and show that you care. Di mo alam mehn “Kamusta” lang pala ang kelangan para magingokay ang lahat. 

 . . . Things worked out by the way. 


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