149 – #DefendTheLand

This is the reason for my inconsistency hahaha. 

Exams are coming up and I need to get ready. There’s also our thesis defense mehn. Kaliwa’t kanan ang kailangan gawin. 

This week has been hellish for me (it’s even over yet). I have 3 exams on Saturday, a major exam tomorrow (comprised of like 7 exams combined into one) and a paper due later. Yeah lateeeeer. 

I’m not procrastinating ha. In fact, I’ve been studying for more than a week now (di talaga kaya ng isang gabi) and kulang pa naaaral ko mehn. 
As for the paper, tangina last night lang inannounce so duuuuh how the hell am I going to put that in my schedule e ang dami ng kailangan gawin. 

Luckily though, thesis season is over. To quote Barney Stinson, “We suited up.” 

Minus one problem na yun for this week. Two more weeks nalang at malalaman ko whether or not I will graduate. 

Here is proof na tapos na thesis season!!! Ngiting tagumpay yan (I’m the guy in the middle that looks like Kylo Ren hahaha) 

Defense happened yesterday and boi was it uplifting. Seeing to as our thesis journey has ended, I can’t help but be grateful for all the stress it has given us. Bawi lang puyat, pagod and walang sawang pagkakanton sa UP haha. 

I guess that’s it. I have tons of things to do pa and I’m not sure but I may or may not be back until the end of this week. 

Have a great day mehn. Stay lit ayt!


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