155 – This Girl Got Me Like . . . 

It started with her saying the words I miss you . . .

Sam and I were texting. We were just talking about our random day when out of nowhere she said the words I miss you and mehn I noticed something. 

Lately, the past few weeks or so, she’s been saying those words nonstop as in araw araw. Kahit magkasama kami she would often say mamimiss niya ko kapag umalis na.

As cute as it seems (pero kung single and bitter ka I seriously doubt it hahaha), Sam thinks baka daw nakakasakal na siya. I dunno where that came from pa mehn e.

Yung feeling of missing someone daw and want kumbaga to spend more time e baka makainvade sa personal space ko so she thinks baka sobra na. Do you understand mehn? 

Then I realized something. As in light bulb moment siya hahaha. 

Be with someone who misses you all the time even though you’re together. Be with someone who’ll constantly say he or she misses you without even thinking if it’s too embarrassing or not. Be with someone who’ll go out of his or her way to remind you to never ever forget to smile and enjoy the rest of the day. Be with someone you’ll effortlessly fall in love over and over again. 

I am with that person and I love her deeply. 

Tangina for sure kung single ka inggit ka ngayon boi HAHA don’t want to rub it in your face peo baka malamig pasko mo niyan. Iyak na boi. 

Jokes aside, if I found someone as special as Sam, kayo rin mehn mahahanap niyo yung inyo. 

So yeah that’s about it. Ending it here mehn. Thanks for reading and good night ayt!!!


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