157 – . . . And Now We Wait 

Exit exams are over and boi oh boi bukod sa I can update the blog on a regular basis, I’ll be able to workout as well. YEAH BOIIII. 

Kakatapos lang ng exams and now maghihintay na hanggang Wednesday para malaman if ggraduate ba ako or hindi. Fingers crossed on this one mehn. I’ve just glad na natapos na and helpful af talaga pag aaral ko kaya no matter what the outcome is, okay lang kasi alam kong binigay ko best ko. 

The future just opened and I’m like a little kid excited to explore what’s beyond that door. Surely naexperience niyo rin yan diba? Yeah things aren’t official yet mehn coz I have to wait but I can’t help but wonder what’s next for my life. 

I still plan on taking my master’s degree once I finish studying for boards e. Pero the question still remains to where I’m going to study. 

I already turned down the Japan opportunity kasi kaya maybe UP or MAPUA. Pero everything’s still uncertain. The only thing I’m sure of right now is my future with Sam.

Nasingit pa no HAHAHAHA.  

Kasi mehn it’s nice na it’s now my turn. Nag uusap na kami last year palang when she was graduating. I was with her when she took the boards. I’m still here nga ngayon at nag aaral naman siya sa med school. Now, it’s my turn nga haha. 

Ako naman ang graduating and she’s with me. Hopefully she’ll still be there when I graduate, become a licensed engineer and start my own firm. 

The future is bright mehn. The possibilities are freakin endless. Grab every opportunity, fight back everytime life blindsides you and be thankful of all the things you have. All that and more, you’ll reach your dreams. 

So yeah that’s it. Still have to watch Stranger Things on Netflix e hahahahha. Thanks for reading and good night ayt!! 


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