158 – Things I Did in School 

Let’s make things more interesting. Since I’m waiting whether or not I will graduate. I will list some things here and it is up to you if you will believe or not kasi para fun at mapaisip ikaw if everything I mentioned is true or not. The list will be all the crazy things I did in college. And kung totoong nagawa niyo na karamihan dito then mehn your college life was the exact opposite of boring. So here goes.

Crazy things I did in college. Again, di lahat to totoo kaya you decide kung ano papaniwalaan niyo HAHA let the games begin.

1. Cheated on my exams. Did this like a million times especially during my first few years in college. Wala e, irresponsible af ako.

2. Went to school drunk. During long free periods, I would go with my classmates and just drink. Afterwards, I would get back and pretend I’m sober. 

3. Cheated for my friend. Syempre stick together gaming lang yan mehn. I would often swap my test paper and give it to my friend especially kung set at magkaiba kami ng exam para makapasa lang siya. 

4. Flirted with my professor. There’s this one super hot prof sa minor subject ko mehn and boi sa gwapo kong to, kumagat naman siya.

5. Attended class while high on drugs. Lalo na kung boring yung subject, mas nagiging interesting kapag high kang papasok. 

6. Stole school property. Nakalagay sa shelf ko yung isang engineering tool na ninakaw ko sa school bilang remembrance.

7. Vandalized. Meron vandal sa school restroom na nakalagay na, “Engineering is a trip to hell” and ako gumawa nun. 

8. Made out with someone in school. More momol, more fun. 

9. Showed my love and affection in front of the whole school community. There’s this one girl whom I liked talaga and ayun. I was young and stupid okay. 

10. Went ghost hunting. Sadly di mga multo nakita ko sa dilim HAHA


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