159 – A Sam Blog

Last night, I was watching reruns of Stranger Things and Rick and Morty coz why not right? Hahaha. Anyway, inabot ako ng around 1 am ata or 2 am I forgot. Pero I’m not gonna talk about that coz anybody who’s anybody knows about those shows (if now, I suggest you watch it) kaya I’m gonna talk about something else. 

Actually, today is our 6th monthsary and since we were both busy, we decided not to meet. Bali sa December na ata coz finals week is just around the corner and Sam needs to study. 

Pero I don’t mind. I miss her but in a good way. Naaalala ko nun, I ranted about her being too busy and neglecting the fact that we were a couple. Kaso, I’m so over that issue. Nasanay na rin sa busy life niya pero I’d rather spend little time with her than to not spend any time with her at all. Yun ang malungkot talaga kapag no Sam in my life. 

Funny story, we were talking how things changed between us. Alam mo ba mehn, dati when we had an argument, as in nag away kami, icacancel nalang yung agreed upon date dapat. Gets ba? It’s like punishing someone coz of the argument itself. Nag away, e di wag nalang magkita.

Also, the fights were more intense at the time and considering she was a straight up gangster, malala talaga mehn. 

It’s funny how one day, you’re just randomly talking to someone and here I am now, not wanting to let that someone go. Sam one pala dapat hahaha.  

Just want to appreciate this day right here. We are kilometers apart yeah (kala mo ldr gago hahaha) but distance has nothing to do with the way I feel when it comes to Sam.  Legit na she is the love of my life. She was, is and will always be the girl I’ll love. 

Hahahaha mehn things are getting cheesier I’m so sorry. Lalo ka sigurong badtrip kung bitter ka no haha kidding. Anyway, that’s it mehn. Ending it here. 


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