Results have arrived and it’s official . . . . graduate na ko!!! 

Yesterday, I was at España coz I was looking for review centers to go to. Wala pa results nun and inassume ko na kaagad na pasado ako. Sobrang assumero but it all worked out in the end. 

I was at Xpertz and basically, review starts next week na. Kakagraduate ko lang pero diretso review na. Wala ng pahinga mehn. Go sago kaagad alagad hahaha. 

After having lunch at Mang Tootz  (wer mi ust peeps at?), I decided to meet up with Sam. From Manila pumunta akong Fairview. 

I missed my girlfriend mehn as in legit! Tagal kong hindi nakita si Sam huhu and finally nagkita ulit kami yesterday. 

In fact mehn, I gave her a freaking letter. Lover boy strikes again hahahahaha. Para madagdagan pa sweetness, we met at Love Desserts. It’s this little place in Fairview that only serves desserts pero buffet. Tapos only P220 lang siya. It’s super sulit kasi cake lang ng cake, pastries, ice cream at kung ano ano pa kami.  The tiramisu was my favorite e. Try it out mehn if you’re near the place! 

Anyway, after having dessert we had dinner. Di ba baliktad? After months of not eating any fast food, nasira na streak ko yesterday kasi we ate at Burger King. 

The whole reason why I stopped eating fast food was because of my review. No time to workout kasi dahil tambak sa gawain pero dahil over na, I ate a freaking burger and pucha kala mo perstaym ni qaqo. 

It’s not gonna be a routine. Maybe once a month lang. Kita ko effect ng deprivation sa fast food e. Super sulit. Try it out mehn. 

Wala kaming ginawa kundi magtawanan at kwentuhan and amazingly, kahit sobrang simple ng nangyari, sobrang saya to the point na bitin pa. 

Yesterday was once of the best days of my life. I spent the last day of being an undergrad with the one I want to spend my entire future with. Parang good times and bad, ramdam talagang may partner. It’s the little things mehn. Ang sarap isavor ng fact na this chapter ended with Sam and the next one started with Sam din. Sam for life kumbaga. 

I don’t want to make things too cheesy hahahaha kaya I’m just gonna leave you by saying, ” The future is limitless. Anything is possible. You just have to believe. In order to achieve your desires in life, don’t ever forget to be thankful with what you have, count your blessings, have faith and fucking do your best.”


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