163 – Lola

Isang linggong bakasyon. Isang linggong wala sa Alabang. Isang linggong walang iniisip.

Basically the past few days can be summed up with one word.  Wanna guess what it is? Mehn it’s the word relax. 

Last Friday up to this day, I was at mah home freaking town, Atimonan. Besides watching shows, vlogs and playing non-stop, I took the time to reflect. 

Dami ng nangyari kasi. Graduate na ko. Magrereview na for boards and my relationship with Sam is stronger than ever kaya naisip kong umuwi para ikwento sa lola ko kasi for sure excited siyang makakwentuhan ako. 

And she was. 

I arrived at her place. It was to my surprise clean and neatly arranged. Smell of grass covered the place. There were even flowers, two or three, I forgot and the half melted candle on her grave.

I couldn’t help but smile. Someone besides me remembered to visit my lola kasi. So there I was, looking at her tomb. It’s been 8 years since she left us but mehn I don’t want to exaggerate pero it still feels like yesterday. Everyday for the past 8 years e I’ve been missing her. 

So yeah kwentuhan kami on her grave. I was glad na I was there. It felt like old times. Alala ko dati mehn when the board exam results were printed on paper e my lola would wait for my tito’s name and when he passed nga, she said that she was going to wait for my name on the newspaper as well. Sadly di na siya umabot dun. 

Kaya I’m going to give it my all talaga pagdating ng board exam kasi it’s dedicated to my lola. 

I even freaking told her about Sam and joked to haunt her hahaha. My lola is the best. Without her, I’m not even sure if I’m who I am today kasi a lot of beliefs, upbringing was because of her. Super laking lola’s boy nga ako mehn e.

Anyway, I hope she’s reading this blog in heaven with her high speed internet at Saint Peter’s cafe hahaha. 

Paki-like and share na rin po lola sa mga kasama mo diyan. Everyone here misses you deeply. We will never forget you po.


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