165 – Looking Back 

2017 went by so fast and honestly enough, it was the one of the best years of my life. The year had lots of highs and lows for me. Every month had something worth cherishing , either it be a good memory or a bad one. I legit learned lots talaga. 

To commemorate all those events, I’m just gonna make my own 2017 rewind and list all the memorable stuff I can remember that happened each month of last year so here goes:

JANUARY was the first month and the month I first went on a date with Sam and little did I know that it was the start of something amazing. It marked the pilot episode of our story. 

FEBRUARY was love month and boy oh boy was it filled with love. I can still remember my Valentine’s Day date with Sam. We watched Liza Soberano on the big screen and after that day, I confessed I loved her. Yeah intense no hahaha. 

MARCH marched and paraded over my dignity. My “friend” failed to accept the fact that I was in love with Sam because she still believed that I was going to choose her over Sam so she posted screenshots on me on Facebook and told them that I was a liar who manipulated her feelings and such. That made way to being close with my thesismate Ben (told him everything that had happened and how all of it was a lie) 

APRIL was the month I started working for DMCI. It was the best two months of my life! Being an intern at DMCI was a dream come true. Also, April was Sam’s birth month.

MAY was the month Sam said yes and we officially became a freakin powerhouse duo. Bayleaf Hotel was also one of the highlights of that month. That dinner date was my favorite date of all time.  

JUNE was the end of internship. One thing I learned at DMCI was the company itself wasn’t just an institution. It was family. My time there was like me being with my kuyas and ates to goof around in a productive manner.

JULY or did you lie? HAHA jk. The seventh month was the whole me exploring the north with my family bit. We went to Pangasinan, Baguio and Ilocos. Best vacations are the one spent with family talaga.

AUGUST was the month my dad and I went out and bonded. Father and son moment lang. We spent the entire day talking about random stuff. We even ended the day by attending mass. 

SEPTEMBER  of last year was one of my favorite birthday celebrations. I spent the day with my dad. We had dinner at a Chinese resto and talked. As dull as it may seem, my dad’s always travelling kaya we barely spend time with one another (hence the reason why it is special) 

OCTOBER wasn’t rocktober nor was it octobeer. I was drowned in school stuff. Thesis, review and thesis and thesis and did I forgot to mention thesis???

NOVEMBER was the month I took my exit exam. It was also the month we defended our thesis. This itself was my victory month because I faced all my struggles talaga. 

DECEMBER was the month I found out that I was graduating!!! Yeah boy graduate na ko hahahaha. This was also the month I started “reviewing” for boards (lokohan mode) 

A lot has happened. Countless sleepless nights, a lot of arguments with my girlfriend, bonds being strengthened over a meal and so much more. 

2017 was the lucky seven I needed. It handed me three sevens (school, family and love) and it made me realize that there’s always more to life.

Things don’t end at 2017. In fact, 2018 will be better. I can’t wait to start my story for this year. 

Well I guess that’s it. Thanks for reading mehn and good night ayt!


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