166 – Surprise 

January 2, 2018

Second day of the year and still going strong! 

Today, I went to Sam’s and just chilled. We basically watched a couple of Black Mirror episodes and it was amazing! 

(Side note lang mehn e if you have no freakin idea what black mirror is, it’s a series about the advancement of technology. Every episode is independent and isn’t connected with the others. It’s satirical as well) 

Going back . . . 

She also had a surprise for me and I had no idea what it was. She just said it was a surprise so yeah that was the mystery of the day. 

Another reason why it was a good day was because it was post new year and there were leftovers hahahaha. There were tons of dessert stacked in their fridge and having a sweet tooth, I couldn’t resist. 

Para akong janitor ng pagkain sa dami ng food na nilinis ko. 

After a few hours, Sam’s sister texted her and we had to go to Feliz (Ayala Mall in Marcos Highway) because they were having dinner there. 

Sam then gave me the “surprise” and it was something I wasn’t expecting. It was a watch. She said I could totally use it during boards. 

It was a struggle pa mehn because I hate watches. I don’t want that feeling na may nakastrap at nagleleave ng mark pero the gesture itself was nice and obviously sinuot ko.

Lagi ko nalang susuotin para masanay ako hahahaha.  

I guess that’s it. We ate at Hap Chan with Sam’s parents and sisters and had coffee at coffee bean after the meal (the mall itself was kinda empty dahil bagong bukas palan) 

Not much to tell na. Still not used to retelling my day hahaha naninibago ako. But that’s it. Ending it here mehn. Til next time ayt! 


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