167 – Fifty Pesos

January 3, 2018

It’s been eight years since you left us and everyone still talks about you. Isa ka sa reason kung bakit ako, ako and I truly thank you for it. 

I grew up with my lolas but Nanay  (Nanay was my great grandmother) was my favorite. I have so much Nanay stories and since it’s her birthday today, I’m sending this blog entry to heaven. 

Nanay started everything with fifty pesos. You heard that right! Fifty. Freakin. Pesos. Syempre sinaunang panahon, not everyone could go to school so she barely finished high school but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. 

She would often say that bakyas (slippers) were a commodity at the time. Parang Jordan katumbas hahaha so whenever she would go to school, tinatanggal niya bakya niya and maglalakad ng nakapaa para masave lang bakya niya hahaha. 

Then with that fifty pesos she had an idea. She used the money to buy dry goods (slippers, clothes etc) and that was the start of her success. 

Not gonna brag but her success managed to buy lots of land across the Philippines (and built establishments there), some were cultivated to become farm lands pa mehn and because of that fifty freakin pesos, she and mamay  (husband) had accountants and doctors for kids na nadadala pa nila sa US noon. Fifty pesos went a long way. 

But the history of the fifty pesos left its marked on my province. At Santiago (our house). It was the first store in the province kaya it was well known talaga. Sadly it closed after nanay died. No one managed the store and what was left was a vacation house. 

Actually the place itself was huge. Two floors with the second one having seven rooms and an elevator pa!! 

Grabe. The legacy began with fifty pesos. That’s determination right there. 

So yeah I guess that’s it. Trending tong blog na to kina St. Peter sa taas hahaha. Til next time mehn! 


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