168 – Workout 

January 4, 2018

Ang laki ng napayat ko last year so since it’s the start of a new year, I plan on further sculpting my body hahaha. 

My diet over the years have been different. I tried cutting out carbs, water therapy, portioning and so much more. Pero the one thing that was constant was exercise. Sure I started out with cardio (10 km jog) but it changed when I started losing weight. 

My heaviest was about 100+ kilos. My waistline was 46 and I was only in high school at the time. Over the years, my weight had increased and decreased but this time, I want it to stay constant or lessen in terms of body fat. 

So my plan would be to eat only a cup of rice per day (lunch), stop drinking sodas, no fast food again, exercise three to five times a week for 90 minutes and yeah I guess that’s it. 

I will post updates by the end of the month to compare. So yeah that’s it. Til next time ayt! 


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