169 – Going to War 

January 5, 2018 

Every new year is a new start. There are firsts for every year like the first text (obviously it’s happy new year), the first date, the first meal and bad ones like first fight. 

Today marked the start of the first fight of the year hahaha but the good part about this was it was also the first reconciliation of the year. 

Now I’m not gonna go into details because that’s not the point of the blog anyway. But I’m just gonna tell the importance of fighting. 

I’m freaking scared of confrontation. I’d rather keep things to myself. Sam is the opposite. When she’s pissed, she’s pissed (Aries blood runs in her veins) so just imagine instances wherein I just shut the hell up while she’s going on and on about something. We are polar opposites haha.  

Overtime though, I learned to open up and that’s when I started to realize the importance of speaking up and confronting the issue. 

Fighting is basically going in to war with words as weapons. So the sharper the words you use, the deeper the wounds. Thus it is important not to say something you’d soon regret. Even though you’re boiling mad and just want to shout or freaking curse, please be mindful of its implications because your weapons of choice aka the words you say might kill someone on the inside and leave them dead. You wouldn’t want that. 

The aftermath of it all, the battle scars are the remains of the heated feud. It’s what makes us stronger and what gives us knowledge and wisdom. Going head to head with someone doesn’t mean you have to beat them. You just have to find common ground and settle it with equality.  

And that’s where things get rocky for some. They don’t want to compromise. They only want their side or neither.  That’s where you start killing each other for power. That’s when relationships die. 

I ain’t no battle expert but I’ve been to war a few times so I know hahaha. But yeah I guess that’s it. 


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