170 – Regina Rica

January 6, 2017 

Religion isn’t my strong suit but I’m working on it. My faith isn’t dedicated to Him because it lingers elsewhere; humanity and the betterment of each and one of us. 

With that being said, the past year has given me tons of blessing and although Sam and I differ with regards to our beliefs, I am still open about that side of the department. 

Today, I was at the mother of all holy lands. I was at Regina Rica. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Regina Rica, it’s sort of a sanctuary for people of all religion located in Rizal. The image of Mary itself stands at around 17ft (I’m not sure because I kinda forgot what the lady said haha). 

To further understand what I’m saying, here is the grotto of the place. The view is seriously breathtaking as well. 

I forgot to tell you but I was with Sam and her family and all the shots are courtesy of yours truly (well not really because Sam took all the shots hahaha) 

We participated in giving thanks (including their own version of meditation) and lighted some candles. 

There were different facilities and posts at the place besides the grotto itself, the candles and the church, there was also a sort of maze that you’d walk and at the center of the maze is a cross. There were different stations of the cross as well and a crematorium. 

There were others, once who where from Bulacan who travelled all the way to Regina Rica just to bask in its holiness and glory.  

Below are other shots Sam took and I guess that’s it mehn. Another day to be thankful for yet again. Til next time ayt!


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