171 – Our Secret 

This one is overdue hahaha (super) 

I wanted to start the new year by uploading my blogs on a daily basis but I’ve been busy studying for my board exam (palusot lang hehe) kaya yun. 

Last Saturday (Jan 19) we were at Secret Base. Atin atin lang tong secret na to pero Secret Base is a gaming cafe in Marikina. 

(By we pala e it was Sam and her two sisters and me) 

The place was nice! It had lots of board games para anti boredom and the food was great too. The portions were big at talagang kung wala kang balak magdiet e dun ka na haha. 

Besides the board games, there were also gaming consoles (PS 4 and Wii ü). Madaming pagpipilian ng games. From WWE to 2k to Call of Duty at kung ano ano pa. 

Sobrang sulit na pumunta if you want to just relax and have a good time. Pero I think yung pinakapinupuntahan sa kanila bukod sa games e yung costumes. 

May mga backdrops kasi for Mario and Luigi, One Piece at Hogwarts. Then yung costume madaming choices. Andamimg collectibles din na nakadisplay. Basta nerd paradise for short!

Too further visualize e eto have a look ma mehn.

One of the backdrops mehn!!! Then you can wear Mario’s  (and Luigi’s) attire para magpretend na nasa world niya. 

Le me looking at all the board games (and collectibles) 

No permission of posting their pics hahaha I’m so sorry pero they are Sam’s sisters (mas nauna pa exposure kesa kay Sam mismo hahaha) 

And lastly this one is for the ladies put there HAHA

I’m like a model for the Daily Prophet hahahaha. 

So yeah that’s it. It’s been so long and hope you guys loved it. Thanks for reading mehn! Good night ayt! 


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