92 – Karibal kay Sam???

So yeah today was chill day yet again. I did nothing but watched a couple of videos and played some games. Everything was running smoothly until Sam sent me a screenshot. Someone private messaged her on Facebook and it was hilarious. Sam was at SM Marikina earlier coz she bought some stuff with her siblings [...]

91 – Read This if You’re an Ilokano, a Medtech, In Love, or Plain Curious

Yesterday I was with Sam coz we haven't seen each other for the last couple of days and legit miss ko na siya hahaha. Pero before that, I've been editing my vlog kasi about me being in Ilocos and Baguio (a little bit of Pangasinan) kaya I was unsure if I would blog kasi everything's [...]

89 – Exploring Ilocos Sur

I'm back!!! I couldn't blog yesterday because we were at Baguio and the place we stayed at (we rented a house) didn't have any wifi and the signal was trash kaya kahit data wala. Natambakan ako ng kwento ma mehn. So Tuesday morning, we went to other tourist attractions in Ilocos Sur. We went to [...]

87 – Nine Hours of Sitting Time

This one happened yesterday and earlier this morning  (sort of)  So I woke up at around 10 in the morning and decided to watch a couple of vlogs before starting my day (Wil Dasovich's) and around lunch time, we went to Daph's (Plaridel, Quezon)  See that little boy right there? He's sort of my pinsan. [...]