127 – What a Day . . . . 

BER MONTH NA AND NAKNAMPOTA ANG TRAFFIC. (Btw this blog happened on a Sunday)  It's a Sunday pero damn the roads are congested af. What was I doing outside? Well I went to Sam's place haha.  Medyo balik sa normal yung flow namin coz her prelims are over and it's med week ata next week [...]


126 – Yabutastic Day with Senpai Sam

Wew. These past few days were a slur of events. Typical school and thesis thingy. I wasn't in the mood to blog about that kaya what I'm about to tell you isn't related to any of those things.  Yesterday, I was at Katipunan coz of our thesis (lolz) well to be more accurate, I was [...]

121 – Ang Girlfriend Kong Abnormal

Last night, I slept at around 1 in the morning and kanina, I woke up at around 11 am haha tulog pusa.  I had classes in the afternoon so fast forward nalang natin sa time na tapos na.  Around 9 pm I texted Sam coz school was done.  And since abnormal girlfriend ko, she replied [...]

119 – A Day with Sam’s Relatives and Anxiety

So ayun po ano wooooh wassap sa inyo no mga paa. Power! HAHA if you know the vlog reference then you've definitely seen some weird stuff ( i.e wrestling boxes, pranks and then there's Jun-Jun) but the blog for today ain't related to Cong TV. Yesterday, I was at Sam's place because it was her [...]