142 – Bustos Dam 

I was busy as hell yesterday coz ya boi was at Bulacan. To be exact, I was at Bustos Dam. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed kasi we were supposed to go to Anggat Dam but we took a detour so we ended up in Bustos Damn este Dam pala hahaha.  Wait, lemme … Continue reading 142 – Bustos Dam 


53 – Longest Day of My Life

So the reason why I didn't post my blog yesterday was because my day hasn't ended . . . ngayon palang punyeta hahaha. From 7:30 in the morning (13th of June) to 7:30 in the morning (14th of June) I was working. Yeah yo boi is an alco- wait wrong word pala haha workaholic pala. … Continue reading 53 – Longest Day of My Life

46 – Mind as Gloomy as the Clouds

Gonna open this blog by saying na miss ko na si Sam (too clingy? Idc hahaha)  Today was a busy day (sort of) coz of the whole internship thing. Kaya at least may ginagawa ako instead of sleeping the entire day (and missing Sam awwww)  We inspected the place lang ma mehn. I was with … Continue reading 46 – Mind as Gloomy as the Clouds

41 – We Explore Another World

Today was so chill I would've frozen time itself.  Wala e ma mehn today was mellow lang talaga. Although I went out to check the columns, that was super bilis lang kaya meeehhh. Dunno what else to talk about hahaha I'm so boring na no. Super sorry about this one not having enough content. . … Continue reading 41 – We Explore Another World

39 – Sight at Site 

Yo boi got roasted. Literally!! I was out in the sun the entire day and even though I had my jacket on, I knew that my skin was burning to a crisp.  Mehn ang lala talaga dito sa Pilipinas no. Ang init!  Today was concrete pouring day on the sixth floor (slabs, beams and girders) … Continue reading 39 – Sight at Site