188 – Love Letter 😍😍

Kinilig ako sa nabasa ko kanina. I am a twenty two year old grown ass man na kinikilig sa letters HAHAHA So my day started out fine. I was looking at memes, watching vlogs, catching up with some stuff lang. It was a typical day lang mehn. Then I was notified with something and yes … Continue reading 188 – Love Letter 😍😍


187 – Trabawho????

Today I was a whore and I loved every single second of being one. Don't judge me mehn pero I'm broke. I have bills to pay and a mouth to feed (me) so well one thing led to another and I whored around. I gave my contact to like dozens of people and waited and … Continue reading 187 – Trabawho????

53 – Longest Day of My Life

So the reason why I didn't post my blog yesterday was because my day hasn't ended . . . ngayon palang punyeta hahaha. From 7:30 in the morning (13th of June) to 7:30 in the morning (14th of June) I was working. Yeah yo boi is an alco- wait wrong word pala haha workaholic pala. … Continue reading 53 – Longest Day of My Life

46 – Mind as Gloomy as the Clouds

Gonna open this blog by saying na miss ko na si Sam (too clingy? Idc hahaha)  Today was a busy day (sort of) coz of the whole internship thing. Kaya at least may ginagawa ako instead of sleeping the entire day (and missing Sam awwww)  We inspected the place lang ma mehn. I was with … Continue reading 46 – Mind as Gloomy as the Clouds