167 – Fifty Pesos

January 3, 2018 It's been eight years since you left us and everyone still talks about you. Isa ka sa reason kung bakit ako, ako and I truly thank you for it.  I grew up with my lolas but Nanay  (Nanay was my great grandmother) was my favorite. I have so much Nanay stories and … Continue reading 167 – Fifty Pesos


163 – Lola

Isang linggong bakasyon. Isang linggong wala sa Alabang. Isang linggong walang iniisip. Basically the past few days can be summed up with one word.  Wanna guess what it is? Mehn it's the word relax.  Last Friday up to this day, I was at mah home freaking town, Atimonan. Besides watching shows, vlogs and playing non-stop, … Continue reading 163 – Lola

130 – Birthday Present

September 26, 2017 I am not a fan of my birthday. Growing up, all I wanted was to celebrate it with important persons in my life. Unfortunately, iba yung gusto ni life hahaha kaya ayun lumaki akong mag isa lang magcelebrate ng birthday ko. Kaya medyo nawalan na ng meaning Pero kanina . . . … Continue reading 130 – Birthday Present

119 – A Day with Sam’s Relatives and Anxiety

So ayun po ano wooooh wassap sa inyo no mga paa. Power! HAHA if you know the vlog reference then you've definitely seen some weird stuff ( i.e wrestling boxes, pranks and then there's Jun-Jun) but the blog for today ain't related to Cong TV. Yesterday, I was at Sam's place because it was her … Continue reading 119 – A Day with Sam’s Relatives and Anxiety

87 – Nine Hours of Sitting Time

This one happened yesterday and earlier this morning  (sort of)  So I woke up at around 10 in the morning and decided to watch a couple of vlogs before starting my day (Wil Dasovich's) and around lunch time, we went to Daph's (Plaridel, Quezon)  See that little boy right there? He's sort of my pinsan. … Continue reading 87 – Nine Hours of Sitting Time

81 – Mega Day 

Sunday = Sam day So around lunch time I was at megamall waiting for Sam and her fam. She was going to a buy laptop kasi na gagamitin for med school and since I'm kinda techy e tutulungan ko sila maghanap ng magandang laptop na sakto sa kailangan niya.  I waited for them at Starbucks … Continue reading 81 – Mega Day 

66 – Family is Important 

Whattaday weeeew. Technically my day started when I left my place and went to Makati to retrieve my certificate and I did!!! So yesterday's comma was now a period.  After that, ya boi went to his err hood? Nah that place ain't my hood pala. Basta pumunta ako ng school to certify na tapos na … Continue reading 66 – Family is Important 

54 – Donuts, Memories, Companions, and Ice Cream 

So this blog is gonna consist of two days (sort of). Yesterday and today kasi.  Yesterday, after my gruesome shift, I went home and arrived at around one in the afternoon and immediately I went straight to my bed and slept like a baby. I woke up at around six in the evening and by … Continue reading 54 – Donuts, Memories, Companions, and Ice Cream