96 – The Yard and The Girl

Last night I watched Gossip Girl hahaha yeah not ashamed coz Blake Lively is so freakin gorgeous. Sam made me watch it and now I'm addicted to it hahahahahaha. (That's why the blog is kinda late din coz I've been watching non-stop) So . . . Around 10 in the morning I got ready and … Continue reading 96 – The Yard and The Girl


85 – Dinner with Sam 

Ma mehn ya boi just got home and I'm tired af. I was at Robinsons Magnolia a few hours ago with Sam coz we had dinner (yeah I travelled for like 90 minutes just to have dinner with her haha) but before that . . .  Around 2 pm, I was at Gateway. I had … Continue reading 85 – Dinner with Sam