62 – Last Day of Internship

Today's my last day as an intern at DMCI and well, I'm kinda sad. "KINDA" Btw this one is gonna be lengthy af  (and personal) coz of all the motha freakin mmrs. So yeah let's get this blog rollin'. I started as an intern here at DMCI on the 17th of April and after a few … Continue reading 62 – Last Day of Internship


61 – Tomorrow is Ya Boi’s Last Day

So today's blog is gonna compose of ya boi being in the site lang. Tomorrow's gonna be my last day kasi. Sad no Let's get started then.  So I was with ma boi Mark the entire day and we inspected the place coz the basement was like 20+ meters below ground level and there was … Continue reading 61 – Tomorrow is Ya Boi’s Last Day

60 – Wednesday and Thursday 

Wasn't able to publish yesterday's blog coz ya boi was busy so sorry bout that ma mehn.  Lemme start by telling yesterday's events (June 21)  I woke up at around 10 in the morning coz of the whole lack of sleep biz kaya I was at the office at around 1 in the afternoon. It … Continue reading 60 – Wednesday and Thursday