167 – Fifty Pesos

January 3, 2018 It's been eight years since you left us and everyone still talks about you. Isa ka sa reason kung bakit ako, ako and I truly thank you for it.  I grew up with my lolas but Nanay  (Nanay was my great grandmother) was my favorite. I have so much Nanay stories and … Continue reading 167 – Fifty Pesos


66 – Family is Important 

Whattaday weeeew. Technically my day started when I left my place and went to Makati to retrieve my certificate and I did!!! So yesterday's comma was now a period.  After that, ya boi went to his err hood? Nah that place ain't my hood pala. Basta pumunta ako ng school to certify na tapos na … Continue reading 66 – Family is Important 

24 – King Ina Mo/ Queen Ina Niya

So yeah ma mehn today's mother's day and if you haven't texted your mom or greeted her personally then you should.  Today was part two of me chillin in my crib. That's why I'm just gonna tell you something about my life. Ayt ma mehn?  So ano nga ba ang nanay? Pano ba maging ina?  … Continue reading 24 – King Ina Mo/ Queen Ina Niya