189 – Ang Huli ni Una

What time is it? It's time for me to spill some love lessons I've learned throughout my relationship with Sam. From the top of my head, eto talaga yung pinakanahirapan ako mehn e yung fact na pangatlo akong boyfriend ni Sam and she's my first girlfriend ever haha. Classic cheerleader meets nerd story lang na … Continue reading 189 – Ang Huli ni Una


179 – Rain and Memory

It's raining outside mehn and I'm sick. I'm literally sick. Today was a typical day. I just watched a bunch of movies (even the NBA finals) and stayed in. Hirap kapag may sakit mehn. So instead of just telling how ordinary my day was, magthrowback nalang us. Rain reminds me of droplets of memories from … Continue reading 179 – Rain and Memory


Results have arrived and it's official . . . . graduate na ko!!!  Yesterday, I was at España coz I was looking for review centers to go to. Wala pa results nun and inassume ko na kaagad na pasado ako. Sobrang assumero but it all worked out in the end.  I was at Xpertz and … Continue reading 161 – END OF A CHAPTER 

155 – This Girl Got Me Like . . . 

It started with her saying the words I miss you . . . Sam and I were texting. We were just talking about our random day when out of nowhere she said the words I miss you and mehn I noticed something.  Lately, the past few weeks or so, she's been saying those words nonstop … Continue reading 155 – This Girl Got Me Like . . . 

152 – League of Our Own

I've been busy. Akala ko once natapos na thesis (read #DefendTheLand) chill life na but may exit exams pa next week. With that being said, syempre kailangan ko pa rin mag unwind from time to time. One fun fact e I'm a huge DC fanboy. Well, Batman pala to be exact. I have tons of … Continue reading 152 – League of Our Own

148 – RA 1014

One thing I love about my relationship with Sam is that I get to express my weirdness. Siguro kung matagal tagal na kayong nagbabasa medyo may idea na kayo pero dadagdagan ko pa yang weirdness na yan with this blog right here.  Since magkaiba kami ng taste sa movies, we decided to make uhmm an … Continue reading 148 – RA 1014

147 – Plans (What the Hell have I Been Doing??) 

Guess who sucks at making promises? Yup it's me hahaha. I told myself that I was gonna upload daily because I wasn't busy. Turns  out, I was pala haha. So what have I been up to? The usual e I was at Sam's place coz it's Sunday but ya boi ain't gonna talk jack about … Continue reading 147 – Plans (What the Hell have I Been Doing??) 

144 – Clingy 

Having a clingy girlfriend is hilarious af. Sam's like a five year old kid who cries when left alone kaya gusto laging nakabuntot lang hahahaha. A bunch of holidays are coming up pero wala pa man yung mga araw na yun, planado na agad namin mga gagawin. Starting tomorrow nga e mehn.  After her lola's … Continue reading 144 – Clingy 

143 – Today’s Actually Our Monthsary

Daming tao sa mundo mehn and you can't help but interact pero you should know your limitations especially if you're in a relationship kasi some people misunderstood chivalry with flirting (and other nice gestures).  Basically this blog is gonna talk about connections, chains, bonds and any other term similar to what I've mentioned.  Since Sam … Continue reading 143 – Today’s Actually Our Monthsary