135 -Study Date 

October 14, 2017 was post Friday the 13th so ibig sabihin nun swerte diba? Hahaha Just gonna skip school because that was boring as hell and talk about my day from 5 ish to past midnight.  I met up with Sam (surprise surpise ma mehn) at Katipunan to have dinner and study. Study date gaming … Continue reading 135 -Study Date 


99 – Atimonan

One more blog and it's going to be my 100th!! But before that happens . . . This happened few days ago Besides taking some shots (gonna show it to you later in the blog) e I did nothing but watch a couple of vlogs and edited my account. Yeah I don't want to brag … Continue reading 99 – Atimonan

59 – The View

Today's just a continuation of yesterday coz ya boi is still working (playing lol). It's 8:30 in the morning while I'm making this blog and I just wanted to show you some shots I took while it was early in the morning  I'm all caffeined up and I still got a huge day ahead of … Continue reading 59 – The View