158 – Things I Did in School 

Let's make things more interesting. Since I'm waiting whether or not I will graduate. I will list some things here and it is up to you if you will believe or not kasi para fun at mapaisip ikaw if everything I mentioned is true or not. The list will be all the crazy things I … Continue reading 158 – Things I Did in School 


154 – Nostalgic ang Adik

It took me five years to be here in this very moment. Only a few more steps til I reach the finish line.   I have been reviewing nonstop for my exit exam mehn.  Judgment day will be on the 24th and 25th of November kaya no dates with my girlfriend muna hahahuhu. The exit exam … Continue reading 154 – Nostalgic ang Adik

148 – RA 1014

One thing I love about my relationship with Sam is that I get to express my weirdness. Siguro kung matagal tagal na kayong nagbabasa medyo may idea na kayo pero dadagdagan ko pa yang weirdness na yan with this blog right here.  Since magkaiba kami ng taste sa movies, we decided to make uhmm an … Continue reading 148 – RA 1014

147 – Plans (What the Hell have I Been Doing??) 

Guess who sucks at making promises? Yup it's me hahaha. I told myself that I was gonna upload daily because I wasn't busy. Turns  out, I was pala haha. So what have I been up to? The usual e I was at Sam's place coz it's Sunday but ya boi ain't gonna talk jack about … Continue reading 147 – Plans (What the Hell have I Been Doing??)