146 – Like if you Love dogs tho hahah 

Walang klase pero acads is life pa rin.  We had to record our thesis presentation coz it was part of the requirements. Super hassle kasi medyo maarte when it comes to recording kasi you can edit diba so it has to be perfect.  We started at around 2 pm and ended at 4 pm kasi … Continue reading 146 – Like if you Love dogs tho hahah 


145 – Overcoming A Certain Fear

October 29, 2017 Talking, interacting and blending isn't my strong suit. I'm a complete introvert kasi mehn. In fact, when someone whom I'm not familiar with talks to me, I sweat like crazy. Don't believe it? Sam saw it up close yesterday. It was a swirl of events. Birthday parties here and there for Sam's … Continue reading 145 – Overcoming A Certain Fear

144 – Clingy 

Having a clingy girlfriend is hilarious af. Sam's like a five year old kid who cries when left alone kaya gusto laging nakabuntot lang hahahaha. A bunch of holidays are coming up pero wala pa man yung mga araw na yun, planado na agad namin mga gagawin. Starting tomorrow nga e mehn.  After her lola's … Continue reading 144 – Clingy 

143 – Today’s Actually Our Monthsary

Daming tao sa mundo mehn and you can't help but interact pero you should know your limitations especially if you're in a relationship kasi some people misunderstood chivalry with flirting (and other nice gestures).  Basically this blog is gonna talk about connections, chains, bonds and any other term similar to what I've mentioned.  Since Sam … Continue reading 143 – Today’s Actually Our Monthsary

141 – Meme is Life 

October 24, 2017 The "bugbog" jokes continue (read 141 to further understand) and I guess it's sort of our thing rn hahaha but that's not what I'm going to talk about. Little refresher muna tayo mehn . . . Stone Age had a bunch of cave dudes bashing at it with their clubs and making … Continue reading 141 – Meme is Life 

139 – Keep Moving Forward 

October 22, 2017 Sundays are usually Samdays coz Saturdates aren't a thing anymore coz of the whole "I-have-a-class" thing. Yesterday was different though.   Sam's midterms start today and she needed time to study. So wala muna kaming plan kaya usual texting lang. Kwento lang ng nangyari the entire week and kung ano ano pa.  She … Continue reading 139 – Keep Moving Forward