149 – #DefendTheLand

This is the reason for my inconsistency hahaha.  Exams are coming up and I need to get ready. There's also our thesis defense mehn. Kaliwa't kanan ang kailangan gawin.  This week has been hellish for me (it's even over yet). I have 3 exams on Saturday, a major exam tomorrow (comprised of like 7 exams … Continue reading 149 – #DefendTheLand


146 – Like if you Love dogs tho hahah 

Walang klase pero acads is life pa rin.  We had to record our thesis presentation coz it was part of the requirements. Super hassle kasi medyo maarte when it comes to recording kasi you can edit diba so it has to be perfect.  We started at around 2 pm and ended at 4 pm kasi … Continue reading 146 – Like if you Love dogs tho hahah 

109 – Thesis Chronicles 

Ma mehn! It's 11:34 pm on my phone and I'm still here at UP Diliman. Walang sinabi na ang suspension ng klase coz acads is life talaga.  I'm with both Albert and Ben (both are single ma mehn ha so if you're interested . . .) They are nice guys naman hahaha.  So thesis is … Continue reading 109 – Thesis Chronicles