Before I Die 

If today was my last day I would spend it with you Because no one completes me more than you do You are my everything and damn that is true I just want to hold you tight and say “I love you” If today was my last day I would cook one last meal Invite [...]


Life without you would be so damn hard Like a poet-singer without his bard, A composer with no distinct inspiration, Or a writer without a vivid imagination You are my sweet escape from reality My guide; my pilot to my destiny You are my greatest distraction But within you I find my satisfaction Simply said, [...]

The Disney Paradox 

Tale as old as time, there was Beauty and the Beast A prince trapped in despair, lost in an abyss He was a heartless monster seeking for redemption Belle became the light; the reason for his absolution Aladdin showed Jasmine a whole new world He fought for there love while using a sword  Did not [...]


Nakaupo ako sa sulok ng aking silid at nakatingin sa kawalan Sawang sawa na sa kupas na pintura ng pader ng aking kwarto Nakakulong nalang sa apat na sulok na parang preso sa bilangguan Imahinasyon nalang ang malaya sa mundong tumatakbo   Umiikot ang elisi ng electric fan habang nakabukas ang aircon Tila nagsasayang lang [...]