118 – Welcoming September with a Bang

I was busy and tired kaya hindi ako nakapag blog for two days. How sad no pero wala e. The moment talaga na makahiga ako ayaw ko ng mag isip pa ng kung ano ano so that's why this blog is so freaking late. Today's the 3rd of September and well, wake me up when … Continue reading 118 – Welcoming September with a Bang


112 – Don’t Live in Regrets

I have a lot on my mind right now ma mehn! Sam's board exam is tomorrow and para sa mga medtech din diyan na mag eexam goodluck nalang. Akalain mo yun while in med school napagsabay niya boards and med. And tomorrow magbubunga na yung lahat ng sleepless nights (ish) niya. I'll probably elaborate that … Continue reading 112 – Don’t Live in Regrets


Today, I was all over the place (not everywhere though coz I ain't no Dora haha) Around ten in the morning I was at Market Market waiting for my thesis buddies. We had plans to visit NAMRIA so we could get datas with regards to our thesis.  From Taguig, we then went to Makati City … Continue reading 78 – NAIA AND G7X

74 – Vacation Plans (ish) 

I couldn't upload yesterday's blog coz I forgot to make one because I was busy playing. Then today, well ealier pala, I was playing a bunch of games lang din coz it's summer vacation nga.  Oh side note pala. My dad sent me an email with regards to the university in Japan and the examination … Continue reading 74 – Vacation Plans (ish)