196 – Unekspekted

Monday turned Samday tayo mehn!! Today was an unfortunate day because the only agenda for today was to play video games hahaha pero well Sam was going out kasi (mag aral sa Starbucks) and well since ya boi was free e we decided to meet up. Note mehn na this is the last time na … Continue reading 196 – Unekspekted


195 – Pornstar for a Day

This happened yesterday mehn hahaha. So here goes. For the past few months kasi diba I've been applying to various construction firms. Tambay life hoping na maging employed na. Kaso sadly yah boi is a fresh grad so compared to a competitive market with experienced civil engineers e nahirapan ako. Yes nahirapan hahaha. Then came … Continue reading 195 – Pornstar for a Day

193 – Ako Lang Pwede Magbasa Nito

Still no luck woooh. Nakagraduate na ko. Nakapasang board exam. Licensed engineer na ko pero sa trabaho talaga nahihirapan. Why the hell am I so picky? Well kasi I need experience talaga. Not just any experience pero yung large scale because I plan on pursuing a degree in construction design and di naman sa nangmamaliit … Continue reading 193 – Ako Lang Pwede Magbasa Nito